Viewer’s Discretion: “Collateral” and “Mercury 13”

‘COLLATERAL’ (NETFLIX) The modern detective series has become for many writers an opportunity to address something beyond the mystery it features. Murder remains the primary crime committed, but what leads to the murder, that has become a very individual concern. In the four-part series “Collateral,” the murder involves what is in the title — the detritus of […]

Gloria Stoll Karn @ the Norman Rockwell Museum

A new show at the Norman Rockwell Museum celebrates the pulp magazine work of Gloria Stoll Karn, but that show might not exist if it weren’t for a kindly Brooklyn janitor with an eye for art and a connection that allowed him to do something about it. Karn, now in her 90s, worked from 1941 […]

Forgotten TV: Dangerous Women

Here’s an oddity not only in the annals of television, but in the annals of the women in prison genre. This was an attempt by the producers of the Australian soap opera Prisoner Of Cell Block H (full disclosure: my favorite TV show ever) to bring their behind the bars drama to the U.S. This […]