Musical Thingarium 11.07.19

The Spoken Thingarium 1 Spy numbers recording paired with Klaus Morlock / Please Reveal Yourself 2 Eccentronic Research Council - Innes's Dream 3 Patty Hearst, Day 80, April 24, 1974 paired with Quimper / Geoffrey 4 The Flabby American 5 Charles Spearin - Mrs. Morris 6 Christian Astronaut - Loosenut Tell How To Take A [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.01.16

Post Halloween show 1 All Saints Day by The Motern Media Holiday Singers 2 Bela Lugosi's Dead by Nouvelle Vague 3 Wolfman Tap by Electric Guitars 4 Grimly Fiendish by The Damned 5 It’s Halloween by The Shaggs 6 Halloween Mask by Peach Kelli Pop 7 Zombie Dance by The Cramps 8 Chainsaw by Ramones [...]

Musical Thingarium 10.25.16

Spanish bands and other music 1 You Spin Me Round by Mr Irish Bastard 2 I Didn’t Know That by The Books 3 Wake Up by XTC 4 You, Me, and Lou Reed by Television Personalities 5 Theme From Sparta FC by The Fall 6 Victorian Doll by The Cleaners From Venus 7 Arriving UFO [...]