Musical Thingarium 04.04.19

Something akin to power pop 1 Elf Power – The Great Society 2 The Records – Teenarama 3 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Total Meltdown 4 The Dbs – Dynamite 5 The Field Mice –  You’re Kidding Aren’t You 6 The Flatmates – My Empty Head 7 This Poison – The Great Divide […]

Musical Thingarium 09.07.17

All 1987 show 1I Should Be So Luckyby Frank Sidebottom 2I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You’d Like To Know)by Young Fresh Fellows 3Hang-Ten!by The Soup Dragons 4My Baby’s Got Jet Lagby I, Ludicrous 5Just Like Oliver Reedby The Dentists 6Have You Seen Jackie?by Dukes of the Straosphear 7Big Hollow Manby Danielle Dax 8New Generationby Oingo Boingo 9The Passengerby Siouxsie and the […]