Musical Thingarium 10.24.19

Another Satanic Thingarium!!! 1 David Beatty & the Harmonettes - I Just Got Off the Devil's Train 2 Harvey McLaughlin - The Devil in the Dance Hall 3 Uncle Tupelo - Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down 4 Big Fancy - The Devil is a Hard Man 5 Gillian Welch - The Devil Had a [...]

Musical Thingarium 08.08.19

1992 1 Spinal Tap - The Majesty of Rock 2 Shakespears Sister - Catwoman 3 Morrissey - You’re the One for Me Fatty 4 Suzanne Vega - Fat Man and Dancing Girl 5 Pop Will Eat Itself - Bulletproof 6 XTC - Nonsuch 7 The Cure - Friday I’m in Love 8 The Dead Milkmen [...]

Musical Thingarium 08.01.19

The Satanic Thingarium! 1 Little Marcy - Devil Devil Go Away 2 Randy Newman - Can’t Keep A Good Man Down 3 Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs - Devil Do 4 Future Bible Heroes - Satan, Your Way Is a Hard One 5 Anne McCue and Dave Alvin - Devil in the Middle 6 The [...]

Musical Thingarium 05.16.19

All 1991 show 1 The Cramps - Dames, Booze, Chains, and Boots 2 Sultans of Ping FC - Where’s Me Jumper? 3 Thee Headcoats - Something Went Wrong Again 4 Moe Tucker - Too Shy 5 Scamps - Play Man 6 Batmobile - S.P.O.C.K. 7 The Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies 8 They Might Be [...]

Musical Thingarium 04.11.19

All 1990 show 1 The Pixies - Rock Music 2 Joan Jett - Dirty Deeds 3 The Cramps - Journey to the Center of a Girl 4 The Fall - Hilary 5 The Pretenders - Millionaires 6 The Breeders - Fortunately Gone 7 Uncle Tupelo - That Year 8 Yo La Tengo - Emulsified 9 [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.03.19

The music of those who passed away in 2018 1 Burt Reynolds - Let’s Do Something Cheap and Superficial 2 Denise LaSalle - D’Ya Think I’m Sexy 3 Hugh Masekala - Grazing in the Grass 4 The Crystals - Uptown 5 Don Cherry - Bra Joe from Kilmanjaro 6 The Ventures - Exploration in Terror [...]

Musical Thingarium 12.20.19

All 80s covers! 1 Jackson Jills - Church of the Poisoned Mind 2 Morrissey - Back on the Chain Gang 3 Janice Whaley - Sheila Take a Bow 4 The Sharks - Sgt Rock 5 Hannah Peel - Blue Monday 6 Alkaline Trio - Waiting for the Blackout 7 Raquel Ralha and Pedro Renato - [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.25.18

1979 Part 1 1Dice Man by The Fall 2Kamikaze by The Boys 3Does Your Mother Know by Abba 4Domino by The Cramps 5D’Ya Think I’m Sexy by Hybrid Kids 6Atlantis Town by Rockets 7Happy People by The Weirdos 8Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 9Noise Noise Noise by The Damned 10I Am The Marshall by Elton Motello 11Prime of My Life by Human Switchboard 12He’s Frank (Slight Return) by The Monochrome Set 13Baiser by Chris Sievey 14Jet Lag by 20/20 15Get Off [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.09.17

Indie pop from France and more music from Bulgaria 1979, Iran, Pakistan, and more 1Garbage Man by William Shatner 2Radio Girl by Pi Ja Ma 3All in All by Superjava 4A Thousand Suns by Talisco 5David Palmer by Lescop 6Dream by Husbands 7Can We Fix It by Juveniles 8Tell Me The Truth by Tample 9Pig Sty by Kid Bombardos 10This City by Part-Time Friends 11Dear I Love You by M. Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar 12Catch Me if You Can by Abdul [...]

Musical Thingarium 08.03.17

All Cover Versions, featuring the songs of Abba, Nick Lowe, the Sex Pistols, Morrissey & The Smiths, and lots of others! 1 Ballroom Blitz by The Space Lady 2 Dancing Queen by Sons of Naverone 3 Take A Chance On Me by Erasure 4 Waterloo by Doctor and the Medics 5 Rock Me by City [...]

Musical Thingarium 07.06.17

All 1986 show 1 Roger Robot by Frank Sidebottom 2 Road Runner by Joan Jett 3 Can’t Leave Her Alone by The Godfathers 4 Blah Blah Blah by Iggy Pop 5 What Inside A Girl? by The Cramps 6 Rockin' With Rita (demo) by Ted Chippington & Fuzzbox 7 Shama Lama Bing Bang by Peter [...]

Musical Thingarium 03.28.17

All vinyl show includes cover versions, lots of country, and 50s/60s rock and roll. 1 Video Killed The Radio Star by Mini Pops 2 Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by Alan Lorber Orchestra 3 Lip Service by Tellus 4 Delilah by Button Down Brass 5 Hello Dolly by Carol Channing, Hank Locklin, & Jimmy [...]

Musical Thingarium 02.14.17

Happy Valentines Day! 1 Ich Liebe Dich by Mick Harvey and Andrea Schroeder 2 Inside Out and Upside Down by The Cramps 3 She’s the One by The Ramones 4 Now That I Have You I’m Bored by Corner Laughers 5 Skinhead Love Affair by Bad Manners 6 The Punks Are Writing Love Songs by [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.22.16

iPod Roulette edition 1 Mao Mao by The Starlights 2 Voodoo Doll by Amelia 3 DNA Bank by Freelance Whales 4 Shortnin Bread by The Cramps 5 Si Seulement by Les Chaussettes Noires 6 Sheik’s Walk by Southern Culture on the Skids 7 Name of the Game (live) by Abba 8 Dancing The Whole Way [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.01.16

Post Halloween show 1 All Saints Day by The Motern Media Holiday Singers 2 Bela Lugosi's Dead by Nouvelle Vague 3 Wolfman Tap by Electric Guitars 4 Grimly Fiendish by The Damned 5 It’s Halloween by The Shaggs 6 Halloween Mask by Peach Kelli Pop 7 Zombie Dance by The Cramps 8 Chainsaw by Ramones [...]

Musical Thingarium 09.13.16

Music from 1981 1 Surfin’ and Spyin’ by The Go Go’s 2 I Can’t Get Bouncing Babies From the Teardrop Explodes by The Freshies 3 Spiders by The Vapors 4 Late Night City by Comateens 5 Looks by Student Teachers 6 A Promise by Echo and the Bunnymen  7 I’m Shakin by The Blasters 8 [...]

Musical Thingarium 5.19.16

Disco, New Wave, and sunny weather songs! 1 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) by Boney M. 2 Rodneys English Disco by Helen Love 3 Disco Disaster by Human League 4 The World Is a Disco Ball by Future Bible Heroes 5 Disco Man by The Damned 6 Dream Of A Disco by Marsheaux 7 [...]