Musical Thingarium 04.25.19

Punk! Disco! Soviet girl singers! Christian revelations! This one has it all! 1 The Sursiks - Sister 2 Les Producteurs de Porcs - God Save the President 3 Duggie Briggs Band - Punk Rocking Granny 4 Paul Jones - Pretty Vacant 5 The Killjoys - All the Way 6 The Bureau - Looking for Excitement [...]

Musical Thingarium 04.18.19

An inexplicable collection of music 1 Missing Persons - The Leonard Cohen songbook 2 Nouvelle Vague - Der Musolini 3 The Would-Be-Goods - Emmanuelle Beart 4 Édith Nylon - Cinémascope 5 Cleaners From Venus - Julie Profumo 6 The French Pop Dream - Who Cares What the Stars Are Called? 7 Cindy & The Gidget-Haters [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.21.18

1977 1 Sex Pistols - EMI 2 Johnny Thunders - Born To Lose 3 The Loftus Roadrunners - Queens Park Rangers 4 The Runaways - Hollywood 5 Mick Farren - Let’s Loot The Supermarket Like We Did Last Summer 6 Ramones - Locket Love 7 The Scruffs - I’m A Failure 8 That Thing - That Thing 9 Squeeze - All Fed Up 10 XTC - Science Friction 11 Richie Heinen - Beach Freak 12 Frog - Porquoi Pas [...]

Musical Thingarium 04.05.18

1979 Part 3 1 Randy Newman -  It’s Money That I Love 2 Dave Edmunds  - Crawling From The Wreckage 3 Elvis Costello - Busy Bodies 4 Joe Jackson - Baby Stick Around 5 Nick Lowe - Dose of You 6 Blondie  - Die Young Stay Pretty 7 The Shapes - Wot’s For Lunch Mom [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.25.18

1979 Part 1 1Dice Man by The Fall 2Kamikaze by The Boys 3Does Your Mother Know by Abba 4Domino by The Cramps 5D’Ya Think I’m Sexy by Hybrid Kids 6Atlantis Town by Rockets 7Happy People by The Weirdos 8Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 9Noise Noise Noise by The Damned 10I Am The Marshall by Elton Motello 11Prime of My Life by Human Switchboard 12He’s Frank (Slight Return) by The Monochrome Set 13Baiser by Chris Sievey 14Jet Lag by 20/20 15Get Off [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.02.17

A variety show! 1Casino Royale by Herb Alpert 2Baby With a Big Head by The Lemons 3Jungle Blues by C.W. Stoneking 4Dump Truck Yodel by The Legendary Shack Shakers 5Darling Let’s Have Another Baby by Johnny Moped 6When You Write A Bad Song by Dear Nora 7Motorcycle by The Rumble Strips 8Good Old Germany by Giorgio Moroder 9Twist Little Sister by Mabel 10He Is Your Brother by Abba 11I Got Up by Linda McCartney 12Liar by Sex Pistols 13Redoble by Orkesta [...]

Musical Thingarium 08.03.17

All Cover Versions, featuring the songs of Abba, Nick Lowe, the Sex Pistols, Morrissey & The Smiths, and lots of others! 1 Ballroom Blitz by The Space Lady 2 Dancing Queen by Sons of Naverone 3 Take A Chance On Me by Erasure 4 Waterloo by Doctor and the Medics 5 Rock Me by City [...]