Musical Thingarium 01.24.19

Enter the world of 1971 1 Electric Company Theme 2 The Unisounds – Norwegian Wood / Mission Impossible 3 David Bowie – Queen Bitch 4 The Osmonds – Shuckin’ and Jivin’ 5 Mal – Mighty Might Roly Poly 6 Middle of the Road – Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum 7 Paul McCartney – Eat at Home […]

Musical Thingarium 06.14.18

All Moog!!! 1 Hot Butter – Getting Off 2 Wu Shao Chu – Unknown Title 3 Donna Summer – I Feel Love 4 Thorsten Schmidt – Witch’s Hat 5 Abba – Watch Out 6 Robin Workman – Tiger 7 Nino Nardini – Pop Electronique No. 1 8 The Moog Cookbook – More Than A Feeling 9 Eccentronic Research Council –  Mind Yore Language 10 Beatrice – Gyere Kislany Gyere 11 Broadcast – Still Feels Like […]

Musical Thingarium 01.11.18

Music from some of those who passed away in 2017 1The Thing by Adam West 2Mountain Over The Hill by Clem Curtis 3We Could Never Be Friends by David Cassidy 4Many Colored Semi Precious Plastic Easter Eggs by Peter Sarstedt 5She’s Much Too Much by Wayne Cochran 6Tulsa Time by Don Williams 7Bonaparte’s Retreat by […]

Musical Thingarium 12.08.17

Kid singers and other nonsense (not the original broadcast – the playlist has been reproduced on this podcast) 1Little Girls Are Fun by Jimmy Osmond 2Music Department by “A” Ukuleles of Halifax 3Another One Bites The Dust by Chapparal High School Surrey Singers 4Great Jubilation by Conti Family 5Love The Way You Do by DeFranco Family 6Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare by Piccola Pupa 7Merry-Go-Round by The Brady Kids 8Sunday […]

Musical Thingarium 08.17.17

Reclaiming 2017 from the forces of darkness! 1 Ballygunge by The Bombay Royale 2 To Know Your Mission by Jens Lekman 3 Night Song by The Lemon Twigs 4 69: Judy Garland by The Magnetic Fields 5 Streets and Stories by Part-Time Friends 6 Squeak N Squawk by The Primitives 7 Just Like That by Girl Ray 8 90210 by Dent May 9 If You Ain’t Mine by Coco Hames 10 Never Ever by Caro Emerald 11 Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me) by Sparks 12 Being Special by Sophia […]

Musical Thingarium 07.13.17

Bastille Day special! 1 Docteur Love by Stereo Total 2 Saperlipopette by Clothilde 3 La Musique et La Danse by Christie Laume 4 Le Mannequin by Annie Phillippe 5 Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts by Jacqueline Taieb 6 Mon train de banlieue by Alice Dona 7 Les pros du rouleau by Bernard Adamus 8 […]

Musical Thingarium 04.04.17

George Orwell music, depressing country music, and plenty of instrumental gaiety. 1 Wake Up! It’s 1984 by Oingo Boingo 2 Doubleplusgood by Eurythmics 3 1984 by David Bowie 4 Big Brother by Girls Aloud 5 When I Was George Orwell’s Hairdresser by The  Ponsoby DC’s 6 Suicide by Louie Innis 7 The Needle by Harry […]

Bonus Radio: This But Not This 03.02.17

1 Hello by Ultravox 2 Dark Cloud by Modern English 3 Dead Weight by Wire 4 See The Lights by Simple Minds 5 Herbert by Madness 6 Constantinople by Echo and the Bunnymen 7 Lose The Reason by The Primitives 8 Let’s Go Supernova by Fuzzbox 9 Sunny by Squeeze 10 Traveling Solves Everything by […]

Musical Thingarium 07.14.16

Happy Bastille Day! 1 Aux Armes Et Caeter by Serge Gainsbourg 2 Arrange-toi avec ça by Bernard Adamus 3 Le Paradis C’est Toi by Souvenir 4 CA Plane Pour Moi by Nouvelle Vague 5 Je T`ecris D`un Pays by Les Visiteurs Du Soir 6 Laisse autant le vent tout emporter by Les Breastfeeders 7 La […]

Musical Thingarium 5.19.16

Disco, New Wave, and sunny weather songs! 1 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) by Boney M. 2 Rodneys English Disco by Helen Love 3 Disco Disaster by Human League 4 The World Is a Disco Ball by Future Bible Heroes 5 Disco Man by The Damned 6 Dream Of A Disco by Marsheaux 7 […]