Musical Thingarium 02.14.19

Songs for Valentines Day 1 Slim Gaillard – When Banana Skins Are Falling 2 They Might Be Giants – I Love You For Psychological Reasons 3 The Monochrome Set – The Mating Game 3 Zoey Van Goey – You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate 4 Dot Wiggin Band – My Cutie 5 The Magnetic […]

Musical Thingarium 05.17.18

An audio free-for-all! 1 Hayley Mills – Cranberry Bog 2 The Musketeers – Fight (The Flashing Blade TV Theme) 3 Ayisha – Space Man 4 Luke Haines – Satan Wants Me 5 Margo Guryan – California Shake 6 The Eccentronic Research Council with Maxine Peake – Autobahn 666 (Travelogue #1) 7 The Buggles – Technopop 8 Mike Sammes – Bonus 6 9 Black Box Recorder – The School Song 10 Marta Kubisova – Hare Krishna […]

Musical Thingarium 02.01.18

Glam, disco, punk, and more! 1You Can Count on Me (Theme from Hawaii Five-O) by Sammy Davis Jr. 2This World Today Is A Mess by Donna Hightower 3Getting Back Up by Go! Team 4Rullskridsko-Disko by Helena Salo 5Week-end by Pizzicato Five 6Bargain by Rainbow Trio 7Valley Hi! by Stereolab 8Offbeat Comet by Misha Panfilov Sound Combo 9Bingo by Leningrad 10Discogyroochonndria by Blush 11Where’s Captain Kirk? by Spizzenergi 12Do You Love Nazis? by The Kids 13We Care About You by Chorusgirl 14Klean […]

Musical Thingarium 04.27.17

New vinyl purchases, plus 60s and 70s music from Czechoslovakia and Latvia. 1 Baretta’s Theme by Sammy Davis Jr 2 Intro by Brother Al 3 One Among The Three Of Us by Bobby Bare, Norma Jean, Liz Anderson 4 Get Me To The Church On Time by The Little Angels 5 Archie’s Party by The […]

Musical Thingarium 04.13.17

New music, vinyl, crazy instrumentals, and more weirdness!   1 I Am A Camera 12 inch mix by The Buggles 2 Long Time Coming by Coco Hames 3 Reflectors by Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble 4 Silent Movie Susie by The Big Moon 5 Grifting by Timber Timbre 6 Man Done Wrong by Valerie June 7 […]

Musical Thingarium 08.09.16

Japan, Bollywood, horrible Beatles covers, Iron Curtain pop, Jazz Noir, latest vinyl and more! 1 Double Lovin’ by The Osmonds 2 King of the Road by Tennessee Ernie Ford 3 King of Clowns by Jerry Goebel 4 Junior’s Farm by Kings Road 5 You Tried To Warn Me by Pierro Umillani 6 First Baseball Game […]