Viewer’s Discretion: ‘Chernobyl’ and ‘Braguino’

CHERNOBYL’ (HBO) It might be surprising that a mini-series dramatizing a devastating nuclear power plant accident in the Soviet Union in 1986 has met success, especially considering the show’s embrace of the gloomy and the grotesque, and rightfully so. But if it is a surprise, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the state of [...]

Viewer’s Discretion: ‘Dreams of a Life’ and ‘Putin’s Kiss’

“Dreams of a Life” (Fandor, Vudu) Loneliness can be a hard thing to portray in a film. The challenge is to show what isn’t there and what the person is missing, to capture a negative space so that we not only understand the enormity of what is missing from the person’s life but what about [...]

Musical Thingarium 05.04.17

60s and 70s dIsco, funk, jazz, psychedelia from behind the Iron Curtain 1 The song of the wizard Suleiman by Little Muk 2 Who told you by Igor Ivanov and Vladislav Andrianov 3 Neizyasnimoe by Yuri Morozov 4 Советский Союз by ВИА "Самоцветы" Мой адрес 5 Instrumental by Redkaya Ptica 6 The shaman's dance by [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.09.16

Ska and ska-friendly music, including Eastern European and Balkans sounds! 1 Record Shop by Jerry Lewis 2 The Man With The Golden Arm by The Scofflaws 3 Jamaica Ska by Annette Funicello 4 Buffalo Ska by Bad Manners 5 Violent Love by Oingo Boingo 6 Manipulator by The Toasters 7 Ginza Ska by The Ventures [...]