Musical Thingarium 08.30.18

All Quebecois! 1 Nathalie Simard  - Un Tout Petit Bikini Anne Anderssen  Mandarina 2 Ginette Ravel - Sa Majeste 3 Les Ingenues - Tu ne pourras plus retourner chez toi 4 Les Chanceliers - Oogum Boogum 5 Dany Aube - Un verre de vin a table 6 Yolanda Lisi  - Toi Toi Romeo 7 Patrick Zabe - Oh! Quelle Nuit 8 Banzai - Chinese Kung Fu 9 Celine Lomez - Come [...]

Musical Thingarium 12.08.17

Kid singers and other nonsense (not the original broadcast - the playlist has been reproduced on this podcast) 1Little Girls Are Fun by Jimmy Osmond 2Music Department by “A” Ukuleles of Halifax 3Another One Bites The Dust by Chapparal High School Surrey Singers 4Great Jubilation by Conti Family 5Love The Way You Do by DeFranco Family 6Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare by Piccola Pupa 7Merry-Go-Round by The Brady Kids 8Sunday [...]