Shannon Taggart: Séance

Shannon Taggart: Séance

I was excited when I saw that photographer Shannon Taggart had a new book coming out this year. Séance is a collection of her photography in the community of Lily Dale, New York, the world’s largest populace of spiritualists. She’s spent 18 years documenting this community and I was fortunate enough to interview her about […]

Michael Eastman

Personal history can mean beauty, and just as human beings wear their histories on their faces, buildings retain their own stories on their walls and furnishings. Photographer Michael Eastman seeks to allow these spaces to present their own stories, apart from whoever might inhabit them. Eastman — who lives in St. Louis, Mo. — says that the word “decay” […]

The Impossible Project

Just when it seemed like Polaroid film was a relic of the past, an eccentric European company, The Impossible Project, reconfigured that relic from the ground up, ushering it further into our future. The Impossible Project was invited by Wilco band member Pat Sansone, himself a well-known Polaroid photographer, to help curate an exhibit for […]

Leonard Nimoy

Actor Leonard Nimoy’s new photographic work, “Secret Selves,” peers into the hidden alleys of personal psyches in giant-sized prints bursting with color — these are fantasies hidden no more, but screaming to the world from gallery walls. Culled from a 2008 photographic session, “Secret Selves” shows the result of what happened when Nimoy asked 100 people to […]

Profile: Dan Hurlin “Disfarmer”

Puppets are at the center of a performance that uncovers the life of an eccentric photographer renowned for capturing people at the height of discomfort. Michael Disfarmer was a portrait photographer in Heber Springs, Ark., who only found fame long after his death. In life, he ran a portrait studio in his hometown, but his […]

Alec Soth

Photographer Alec Soth — whose previous work such as “Sleeping By the Mississippi” and “The Last Days of W” took him on road trips to capture America — recently embarked on an inner journey by planting himself in America’s Capital of Love, Niagara Falls. Soth’s plan was to investigate passion — unexpectedly he found its destructive side as evidenced in the […]