Cartoonist Travis Dandro draws on Leicester childhood for ‘King of King Court’

Cartoonist Travis Dandro lives in Maine these days, but his memories of Leicester are vivid enough to fill a book with them. He did exactly that with his recently published graphic novel, “King of King Court.” Recounting his childhood and teen years in Leicester, it’s a comics autobiography delving into his life in a dysfunctional, [...]

The Unexpected Path: Mass MoCA curator Denise Markonish

Massachusetts Museum of Art curator Denise Markonish is pretty sure her job title doesn’t accurately describe the job she does. You can scrap “curator” — she prefers “producer.” “When you’re working with contemporary artists to make new works, the scholarship and all that is important, but I’m trying to get the thing made,” Markonish says. “I always [...]

From The Archive: Boozing In Boston, A Brief Memoir

(This was written in 1995 in order to capture the world of Boston-area bars that seemed likely to disappear at some point. So for posterity, I did my best. I hoped to sell it to the Boston Phoenix, but apparently there was some issue about advertisers, as in they were worried some of these places [...]

Lenox mysteries set scene for new book, ‘The Duration’

A new novel that takes place in Lenox, MA, pulls from the childhood memories of the author to craft a haunted landscape of mystery that hearkens to another time for the town. Dave Fromm’s The Duration follows two childhood friends who reunite in their hometown of Lenox, with one friend acting out his obsessions with [...]

Mass MoCA finds wonder in the everyday

Ryan and Trevor Oakes put their own spin on 14th-century architect and designer Filippo Brunelleschi’s linear theory in “Have No Narrow Perspectives” (2008–09 — stainless steel, enamel, epoxy), part of “Explode Every Day “ at Mass MoCA beginning Saturday. (Courtesy Ryan and Trevor Oakes — mass moca) A new show at Mass MoCA takes the notion of wonder and [...]