Trenton Doyle Hancock @ Mass MoCA

Every art show is the result of the artist’s imagination pouring out into reality, allowing ideas to seize tangible representation in the physical universe. But Trenton Doyle Hancock’s new show at Mass MoCA, “Mind of the Mound: Critical Mass,” is also an effort to pull visitors inside the imagination of the Houston-based artist. The show [...]

Taryn Simon @ Mass MoCA

In her new show at Mass MoCA, artist Taryn Simon offers ways in which the personal and the powerful interact on an intangible, emotional level, translating an individual’s singular passionate reaction into tacit approval of something larger. Alongside an expansive survey of her book-making work, Simon’s show features two distinct parts that each stand on [...]

Liz Glynn @ Mass MoCA

Liz Glynn’s new installation at Mass MoCA, “The Archaeology of Another Possible Future,” is a sprawling wonderland of industrialism and progress in the museum’s massive Building 5 gallery. The new gallery offers an appropriate space to mirror the size of the financial system Glynn’s work tackles — a topic so big that it’s hard to [...]

The Space Between @ Mass MoCA

The galleries at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art are renowned for the challenging, inventive creations featured in them, but a new show at the museum challenges visitors to pay attention to the areas between the galleries. With “The Space Between,” which opens on Saturday, April 16, Williams Graduate Curatorial Intern Nina Wexelblatt has fashioned [...]