Musical Thingarium 10.03.19

It’s a Robot Invasion!!! 1 Bruce Haack – School For Robots 2 RIAA – Mechanical Robot Man 3 Trem – My Robotic Friend 4 Future Bible Heroes – The Lonely Robot 5 Shy Tots – Robot Maid 6 The New Occupants  – It’s Time To Become Robots 7 The Science Fiction Corporation – The End […]

Musical Thingarium 01.17.19

A casual playlist of exciting variety! 1 Gene Williams – My Soul Is Black 2 Pearl and the Oysters – Melinda Melinda 3 The Chefs – Hours 4 Elia y Elizabeth – Ponte Bajo el Sol 5 Pel Mel – No Word From China 6 Charlotte Gainsbourg – Bombs Away 7 The  Little Girls – […]

Musical Thingarium 05.31.18

Fun and funky 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 21st Century sounds from around the world! 1 Komeda – Boogie Woogie/Rock and Roll 2 The Mighty Mocambos – The Spell of Ra-Orkon 3 Kati Kovacs – Kek Farmer 4 Charlotte Gainsbourg – Sylvia Says 5 Moebius – Born on a Saturday Night 6 The Bombay Royale – Bhediya 7 Peter Thomas Sound Orkester – Happy 8 The Mysterons – Hurricane 9 Jeanette – Porque […]

Musical Thingarium 04.26.18

The funk sounds of Mocambo Records, plus Balkans, ska, and plenty more! 1 The Decemberists – We All Die Young 2 The Mighty Mocambos – Locked and Loaded 3 Tara Priya – Who Do You 3 Dark Knights of Soul and the Haggis Horns – Fatso 4 Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band – Laventille Road March 5 Peter Thomas & the Mocambo Astronautic Sound Orchestra – Space […]

Musical Thingarium 04.19.18

New music from 2018 1 The Decemberists – Everything Is Awful 2 Squirrel Nut Zippers  – Hey Shango! 3 Calexico – Under The Wheels 4 Dom Flemons – He’s a Lone Ranger 5 Sarah Shook and the Disarmers – The Bottle Never Let Me Down 6 Wendy McNeill – The Blinding of Fenrir 7 Francoise Hardy – Trois petite tours 8 Nick Lowe – Tokyo Bay 9 Kitty, […]

Musical Thingarium 02.01.18

Glam, disco, punk, and more! 1You Can Count on Me (Theme from Hawaii Five-O) by Sammy Davis Jr. 2This World Today Is A Mess by Donna Hightower 3Getting Back Up by Go! Team 4Rullskridsko-Disko by Helena Salo 5Week-end by Pizzicato Five 6Bargain by Rainbow Trio 7Valley Hi! by Stereolab 8Offbeat Comet by Misha Panfilov Sound Combo 9Bingo by Leningrad 10Discogyroochonndria by Blush 11Where’s Captain Kirk? by Spizzenergi 12Do You Love Nazis? by The Kids 13We Care About You by Chorusgirl 14Klean […]

Musical Thingarium 09.21.17

Balkans, Asia, and other international sounds 1 Genesee Beer Ad by Genesee Beer 2 Didovilis by Perkalaba 3 Everyone Speaks Russian by Rotfront 4 King of the Divan by Dela Dapp 5 Bhangra Pirates by Red Baraat 6 Cardboard Castles by Dengue Fever 7 У Полі Край Села (In the Field of Kray Village) by Ot Vinta 8 I Think by Magnifico 9 Flight of the Ancients by The Shaolin Afronauts 10 Im Nin’alu by Watcha Clan 11 La Hawaiiana by Dolores Vargas 12 unknown title by Vivenne Mort 13 Alive by Russkaja […]

Musical Thingarium 06.09.16

Ska and ska-friendly music, including Eastern European and Balkans sounds! 1 Record Shop by Jerry Lewis 2 The Man With The Golden Arm by The Scofflaws 3 Jamaica Ska by Annette Funicello 4 Buffalo Ska by Bad Manners 5 Violent Love by Oingo Boingo 6 Manipulator by The Toasters 7 Ginza Ska by The Ventures […]