Musical Thingarium 05.30.19

The groovy international sounds of the 1960s 1 Plommons - Last Train to Liverpool 2 The Stormies - Drums in the Storm 3 Vetty - Nicolas 4 Emy Jackson & Blue Comets - Namida No Go Go 5 The Rivets - Kinky Boots And Leather Clothes 6 The Rollies - manari a go go 7 [...]

Musical Thingarium 09.28.17

A group birthday bash and new vinyl! 17 AM by Jacqueline Taieb 2Don’t Mess With The Messer by Koko Taylor 3Where Ya Calling From Charlie? by Arnold Stang 4Ciao Rudy il mio nome by Marcello Mastroianni 5C’est Rigolo by Brigitte Bardot 6La Beaute by Sylvia Kristel 7Valley Girl by Moon Zappa and Frank Zappa 8Psychopath by St. Vincent 9Disco 82 by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar 10Hermit of Misty Mountain by Ben E. King 11Trace [...]

Musical Thingarium 07.13.17

Bastille Day special! 1 Docteur Love by Stereo Total 2 Saperlipopette by Clothilde 3 La Musique et La Danse by Christie Laume 4 Le Mannequin by Annie Phillippe 5 Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts by Jacqueline Taieb 6 Mon train de banlieue by Alice Dona 7 Les pros du rouleau by Bernard Adamus 8 [...]