Viewer’s Discretion: ‘Dear Zachary’ and ‘My Brilliant Friend’

Viewer’s Discretion: ‘Dear Zachary’ and ‘My Brilliant Friend’

‘DEAR ZACHARY’ (AMAZON, FANDOR, HOOPLA, SUNDANCE) Given the current frenzy for true crime, especially on streaming television and in podcasts, a documentary like “Dear Zachary” has a very specific, and very important, role to play — in reclaiming these stories for the families and friends of the crime victim. In that way, while it states the case […]

Musical Thingarium 07.12.18

Groovy 60s and 70s from around the world! 1 R. Cini  – I fantastici (3 supermen ost) 2 The Happy Dolls –  (Shake, shake, shake) Shake Your Booty 3 Belaboris –  Venus 4 Martin Böttcher – Sonderdezernat K1 5 Garnets – Cellar of narcotics 6 The Peter Laine Orchestra – Tiger Walk 7 Georges Hayes and His Philarpopic Orchestra – Concerto for Right Foot and Orchestra […]

Viewer’s Discretion: ‘Faces Places’ and ‘Sacro GRA’

‘Faces Places’ (Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube) This gentle documentary brings together 89-year-old New Wave film director Agnes Varda and 33-year-old street artist JR for a journey through France for a collaboration that captures what they see and who they meet, and what they decide to affix to walls in commemoration. Varda, who […]