Musical Thingarium 05.23.19

A smorgasbord of 80s and indie and 60s Spanish and 60s Greek and outsidery earnestness. 1 Descendents - Weinerschnitzel 2 Rockets - Kids from Mars 3 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - My Terrible Friend 4 The Essex Green - Monkey Man 5 Raquel Ralha and Pedro Renato - Peek A Boo 6 [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.22.17

A tribute to The Shaggs and other oddballs and eccentrics in music. 1 What Should I Do? by The Shaggs 2 Just Another Crazy Day At The Farm by Dot Wiggin Band 3 Who Are Parents by Danielson Famile 4 Things I Wonder by The Shaggs 5 It’s Halloween by Brittany Anjou 6 Shaggs’ Own [...]