Musical Thingarium 06.20.19

2019: New Music Time 1 The Tumbledryer Babies - My Body Is A Temple & I The Iconoclast 2 Harry and the Potters - The Importance of Media Literacy Under Authoritarian Rule 3 Dressy Bessy - Tiny Lil Robots 4 The Jackets - Steam Queen 5 Pinky Pinky - My Friend Sean 6 Cat Princess [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.08.17

Twee and friends of Twee, including Amigos de españa. 1 Yesterday Once More by The Shaggs 2 We Are the Lemons by The Lemons 3 Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bone Collectors 4 Grass Skirt by All Girl Summer Fun Band 5 Happy To Be Myself by The Boy Least Likely To 6 Broddy Bounce by [...]

Bonus Radio: This But Not This 12.15.16

1 Christmas Shopping For Dobby by Harry and the Potters 2 Teenage Christmas by Eux Autres 3 Dear Santa by Persil 4 White Christmas by The Wendy Darlings 5 Indian Giver by The Mighty Atom 6 Take My Hand in Winter by Humosexual 7 Let Me Be The Fairy on Your Christmas Tree by The [...]