Musical Thingarium 11.14.19

Musical Thingarium 11.14.19

An hour of The New Pornographers and their offshoots and an all cover-version hour! 1 Maow – Mean Mean Mean 2 The New Pornographers – Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile 3 Destroyer – Your Blood 4 Zumpano – The Millionaire Poets 5 Limblifter – Cordova 6 Fancey – Merry Go Round 7 The […]

Musical Thingarium 10.03.19

It’s a Robot Invasion!!! 1 Bruce Haack – School For Robots 2 RIAA – Mechanical Robot Man 3 Trem – My Robotic Friend 4 Future Bible Heroes – The Lonely Robot 5 Shy Tots – Robot Maid 6 The New Occupants  – It’s Time To Become Robots 7 The Science Fiction Corporation – The End […]

Musical Thingarium 09.05.19

A variety of sounds designed to meet your specific needs 1 Poopiehead – Oldsmobile Supreme 2 The Shermans – Lousy Judge of Character 3 Sarah Carroll – Ukulele Bitch Fight 4 Thee Headcoatees – Johnny Jack 5 God Help the Girl – I’m Not Rich 6 Jonathan Richman- Outside O’Duffy’s 7 The Lemons – Johnny […]

Musical Thingarium 08.22.19

A decorative array of sounds. 1 Paul and Storm – If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man 2 The Paranoid Style – A Goddamn Impossible Way of Live 3 rogov – She’s a Tangerine 4 Julie Delpy and Nouvelle Vague – Lalala 5 Maude Audet – Nos levres retournees 6 New Pornographers […]

Musical Thingarium 07.25.19

Funtime fun! 1 Jonathan Richman – People Are Disgusting 2 The Delmonas – Dr Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine 3 Spider Nick and the Mad Dogs – Ca Plane Pour Moi (Punk Medley) 4 Shonen Knife – California Lemon Tree 5 Violent Femmes – Another Chorus 6 Barbara Howard – It’s Not Unusual 7 April […]

Musical Thingarium 05.23.19

A smorgasbord of 80s and indie and 60s Spanish and 60s Greek and outsidery earnestness. 1 Descendents – Weinerschnitzel 2 Rockets – Kids from Mars 3 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – My Terrible Friend 4 The Essex Green – Monkey Man 5 Raquel Ralha and Pedro Renato – Peek A Boo 6 […]

Musical Thingarium 05.02.19

3rd Anniversary show! 1 Mrs Miller – I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail 2 The Freshies – I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk 3 Graduate – Elvis Should Play Ska 4 Tellus – Lip Service 5 The Tudors – Tied Up With Lou Cool 6 Bernard Adamus – […]

Musical Thingarium 04.18.19

An inexplicable collection of music 1 Missing Persons – The Leonard Cohen songbook 2 Nouvelle Vague – Der Musolini 3 The Would-Be-Goods – Emmanuelle Beart 4 Édith Nylon – Cinémascope 5 Cleaners From Venus – Julie Profumo 6 The French Pop Dream – Who Cares What the Stars Are Called? 7 Cindy & The Gidget-Haters […]

Musical Thingarium 03.21.19

All Beatles covers! 1 Peter Sellers – A Hard Day’s Night 2 Johnny Rivers – Run for You Life 3 The Pixies – Wild Honey Pie 4 George Burns – With A Little Help From My Friends 5 Reparata – Octopus’ Garden 6 The Mission – Tomorrow Never Knows 7 Uranium – Eleanor Rigby 8 […]

Musical Thingarium 02.14.19

Songs for Valentines Day 1 Slim Gaillard – When Banana Skins Are Falling 2 They Might Be Giants – I Love You For Psychological Reasons 3 The Monochrome Set – The Mating Game 3 Zoey Van Goey – You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate 4 Dot Wiggin Band – My Cutie 5 The Magnetic […]

Musical Thingarium 05.24.18

Recent vinyl, Beatball Music from South Korea, birthday tribute to Robert Moog, and lots more! 1 Mama Maria – Tarantella 2 Brady Bunch – American Pie 3 Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats – Peter Gunn 4 Los Fabulosos 3 Paraguayos – Espinita 5 Disney – The Haunted Mansion 6 Vladimir Kuzman – Just Yesterday 7 Al Lopaka – No Alii 8 Rika Zarai – Dodi Li 9 The High Windows – Reunion with the Reserves […]

Musical Thingarium 12.14.17

Christmas 2017 Part 1 1A Girl Named Noel by Jim Nabors 2Sweet Christmas by Shonen Knife 3New Christmas Hymn by The Minus 5 4Merry Christmas Marie by Red Sleeping Beauty 5It’s Christmas Day by The Cosmonauts 6God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Bright Eyes 7C’Mon Dance With Santa Claus by The Micragirls 8Christmas on Riverside Drive (remix) by Kid Creole and the Coconuts […]

Musical Thingarium 10.12.17

All 1988 show 1Tony’s Theme by The Pixies 2I’d Say That You Were Upset by Young Fresh Fellows 3Go Girl by The Toasters 4Ma and Pa by Fishbone 5Happy Like Yesterday by The Groovy Little Numbers 6Mala Vida by Mano Negra 7(Nothing But) Flowers by Talking Heads 8Cause I Said So by The Godfathers 9I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett 10Julie Christie by The Driscolls 11Curry Crazy by Bad Dream Fancy Dress 12Eep Opp […]

Musical Thingarium 09.07.17

All 1987 show 1I Should Be So Luckyby Frank Sidebottom 2I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You’d Like To Know)by Young Fresh Fellows 3Hang-Ten!by The Soup Dragons 4My Baby’s Got Jet Lagby I, Ludicrous 5Just Like Oliver Reedby The Dentists 6Have You Seen Jackie?by Dukes of the Straosphear 7Big Hollow Manby Danielle Dax 8New Generationby Oingo Boingo 9The Passengerby Siouxsie and the […]

Musical Thingarium 07.06.17

All 1986 show 1 Roger Robot by Frank Sidebottom 2 Road Runner by Joan Jett 3 Can’t Leave Her Alone by The Godfathers 4 Blah Blah Blah by Iggy Pop 5 What Inside A Girl? by The Cramps 6 Rockin’ With Rita (demo) by Ted Chippington & Fuzzbox 7 Shama Lama Bing Bang by Peter […]

Musical Thingarium 06.22.17

A tribute to The Shaggs and other oddballs and eccentrics in music. 1 What Should I Do? by The Shaggs 2 Just Another Crazy Day At The Farm by Dot Wiggin Band 3 Who Are Parents by Danielson Famile 4 Things I Wonder by The Shaggs 5 It’s Halloween by Brittany Anjou 6 Shaggs’ Own […]

Musical Thingarium 06.08.17

Twee and friends of Twee, including Amigos de españa. 1 Yesterday Once More by The Shaggs 2 We Are the Lemons by The Lemons 3 Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bone Collectors 4 Grass Skirt by All Girl Summer Fun Band 5 Happy To Be Myself by The Boy Least Likely To 6 Broddy Bounce by […]

Musical Thingarium 06.01.17

A variety show featuring lots of electronic and Moog and so many other sounds! 1 Banana Bike by Dot Wiggin Band 2 My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps by Rauberhohle 3 Cotton Fields by A La Carte 4 Electrico Refresco by Beautify Junkyards 5 Aie A Mwana by Bananarama 6 Judy Switched Off The TV by […]

Bonus Radio: This But Not This 12.15.16

1 Christmas Shopping For Dobby by Harry and the Potters 2 Teenage Christmas by Eux Autres 3 Dear Santa by Persil 4 White Christmas by The Wendy Darlings 5 Indian Giver by The Mighty Atom 6 Take My Hand in Winter by Humosexual 7 Let Me Be The Fairy on Your Christmas Tree by The […]