Musical Thingarium 08.15.19

The Elvis Died 42 Year Ago Anniversary Show 1 Rick Presley - CC Rider 2 Warren Zevon - Porcelain Monkey 3 George Jones - The King is Gone (So Are You) 4 Wall of Voodoo - Elvis Bought Dora a Cadillac 5 Sky Keegan - Memphis Miracle 6 Mark Oliver - Elvis: Strung Out 7 [...]

Viewer’s Discretion: ‘The Restaurant’ and ‘Elvis: Strung Out’

The Restaurant (Sundance) This new addition to the pantheon of dysfunctional Scandinavian family nightmares, “The Restaurant” (“Var tid ar nu, also known as “Our Time is Now”) distinguishes itself by making its starting-point post-war Stockholm and taking occasional leaps in time to chart the progress of not only the Lowanders and their posh restaurant, but [...]

Musical Thingarium 02.14.19

Songs for Valentines Day 1 Slim Gaillard - When Banana Skins Are Falling 2 They Might Be Giants - I Love You For Psychological Reasons 3 The Monochrome Set - The Mating Game 3 Zoey Van Goey - You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate 4 Dot Wiggin Band - My Cutie 5 The Magnetic [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.24.19

Enter the world of 1971 1 Electric Company Theme 2 The Unisounds - Norwegian Wood / Mission Impossible 3 David Bowie - Queen Bitch 4 The Osmonds - Shuckin’ and Jivin’ 5 Mal - Mighty Might Roly Poly 6 Middle of the Road - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum 7 Paul McCartney - Eat at Home [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.03.19

The music of those who passed away in 2018 1 Burt Reynolds - Let’s Do Something Cheap and Superficial 2 Denise LaSalle - D’Ya Think I’m Sexy 3 Hugh Masekala - Grazing in the Grass 4 The Crystals - Uptown 5 Don Cherry - Bra Joe from Kilmanjaro 6 The Ventures - Exploration in Terror [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.15.18

It's 1972 all over again! 1 Theme from The Rookies 2 Tom Jones - The Witch Queen Of New Orleans 3 Jumbo - He Goes Bla Bla 4 Wig Wam - Naughty Naughty 5 Galahad - Rocket summer 6 Bonnie St. Clare - Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet 7 The Osmonds - We [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.14.18

All Moog!!! 1 Hot Butter - Getting Off 2 Wu Shao Chu - Unknown Title 3 Donna Summer - I Feel Love 4 Thorsten Schmidt - Witch’s Hat 5 Abba - Watch Out 6 Robin Workman - Tiger 7 Nino Nardini - Pop Electronique No. 1 8 The Moog Cookbook - More Than A Feeling 9 Eccentronic Research Council -  Mind Yore Language 10 Beatrice - Gyere Kislany Gyere 11 Broadcast - Still Feels Like [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.14.17

A Vinyl Record listening party! 1 Excerpt from Detection of Mental Retardation in Children by Spoken Word 2 Shaft by Esso Steel Band of Bermuda 3 Palmyra String Band by Palmyra String Band 4 Please Release Me by The Michigan Polka-Tels 5 My Mammy by The Happenings 6 I’ve Got The Music In Me by [...]

Musical Thingarium 03.28.17

All vinyl show includes cover versions, lots of country, and 50s/60s rock and roll. 1 Video Killed The Radio Star by Mini Pops 2 Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by Alan Lorber Orchestra 3 Lip Service by Tellus 4 Delilah by Button Down Brass 5 Hello Dolly by Carol Channing, Hank Locklin, & Jimmy [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.03.17

All vinyl show 1 2001/CC Rider by Rick Presley 2 Good Rockin Tonight by Jerry Lee Lewis and Orion 3 Whatever Happened to Charlie Brown by Carol Channing and Rita Remington 4 Y'all Come by Pete Drake 5 Parking For Cheaters by Dee Mullins 6 Flashback To Happy by David Allen 7 Love is Surrender [...]

Review: Orion – The Man Who Would Be King

I can remember at the age of 14 encountering the records featuring the glittery masked man on the cover. I didn’t really understand what the deal was, and it faded away as one of those weird things you encountered in the 1970s that inevitably came back as a phantom memory that caused you to ask [...]