Musical Thingarium 04.11.19

All 1990 show 1 The Pixies – Rock Music 2 Joan Jett – Dirty Deeds 3 The Cramps – Journey to the Center of a Girl 4 The Fall – Hilary 5 The Pretenders – Millionaires 6 The Breeders – Fortunately Gone 7 Uncle Tupelo – That Year 8 Yo La Tengo – Emulsified 9 […]

Musical Thingarium 12.20.19

All 80s covers! 1 Jackson Jills – Church of the Poisoned Mind 2 Morrissey – Back on the Chain Gang 3 Janice Whaley – Sheila Take a Bow 4 The Sharks – Sgt Rock 5 Hannah Peel – Blue Monday 6 Alkaline Trio – Waiting for the Blackout 7 Raquel Ralha and Pedro Renato – […]

Musical Thingarium 09.07.17

All 1987 show 1I Should Be So Luckyby Frank Sidebottom 2I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You’d Like To Know)by Young Fresh Fellows 3Hang-Ten!by The Soup Dragons 4My Baby’s Got Jet Lagby I, Ludicrous 5Just Like Oliver Reedby The Dentists 6Have You Seen Jackie?by Dukes of the Straosphear 7Big Hollow Manby Danielle Dax 8New Generationby Oingo Boingo 9The Passengerby Siouxsie and the […]

Musical Thingarium 03.21.17

All 1984 show 1 Anything by The Damned 2 This Town by Hey! Elastica 3 The Sun and the Rain by Madness 4 Rough Justice by Bananarama 5 You’re the Wish You Are I Had by XTC 6 P.O.E. by Adam Ant 7 My Kingdom by Echo and the Bunnymen 8 Holy Moly by Bunnydrums […]

Bonus Radio: This But Not This 03.02.17

1 Hello by Ultravox 2 Dark Cloud by Modern English 3 Dead Weight by Wire 4 See The Lights by Simple Minds 5 Herbert by Madness 6 Constantinople by Echo and the Bunnymen 7 Lose The Reason by The Primitives 8 Let’s Go Supernova by Fuzzbox 9 Sunny by Squeeze 10 Traveling Solves Everything by […]

Musical Thingarium 01.24.17

All 1983 show! 1 Underground by Tom Waits 2 Indian Giver by The Ramones 3 Barbarella by The Bongos 4 Ripeness by Echo and the Bunnymen 5 Do The Rat by King Kurt 6 Jet Set Junta by Monochrome Set 7 Great Fire by XTC 8 Gone Dead by The Moodists 9 Flat 19 by […]

Musical Thingarium 09.13.16

Music from 1981 1 Surfin’ and Spyin’ by The Go Go’s 2 I Can’t Get Bouncing Babies From the Teardrop Explodes by The Freshies 3 Spiders by The Vapors 4 Late Night City by Comateens 5 Looks by Student Teachers 6 A Promise by Echo and the Bunnymen  7 I’m Shakin by The Blasters 8 […]

Musical Thingarium 8.30.16

Happy birthday John Peel! 1 Louie Louie by Motorhead 2 I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch by FSK 3 How’s Jack (Part One) by Boothill Foot Tappers 4 Bed and Breakfast Man by Madness 5 Mr Blue Sky by The Delgados 6 Into The White by The Pixies 7 Went Crazy by The Teardrop Explodes 8 […]

Musical Thingarium 7.21.16

Special all 1980 show! 1 A Certain Girl by Warren Zevon 2 Sleepwalk by Ultravox 3 Run Through The Light by Yes 4 Telegram Sam by Bauhaus 5 On and On and On by Abba 6 Summer Fun by The Barracudas 7 F-F-Fascination by The Fleshtones 8 That’s Not Right by Utopia 9 Modern Times […]