Viewer’s Discretion: ‘Deutschland 83,’ ‘Deutschland 86,’ and ‘Skyggenes Dal’

‘DEUTSCHLAND 83,’ ‘DEUTSCHLAND 86’ (SUNDANCE) The final years of East Germany — or, more properly, the German Democratic Republic — have proven fertile ground for German television, partially, it seems, as an act of atonement. But it’s also a period rich in political corruption, espionage, human drama and cautionary tales about the limits of control that lends itself to [...]

Musical Thingarium 05.04.17

60s and 70s dIsco, funk, jazz, psychedelia from behind the Iron Curtain 1 The song of the wizard Suleiman by Little Muk 2 Who told you by Igor Ivanov and Vladislav Andrianov 3 Neizyasnimoe by Yuri Morozov 4 Советский Союз by ВИА "Самоцветы" Мой адрес 5 Instrumental by Redkaya Ptica 6 The shaman's dance by [...]