Musical Thingarium 04.04.19

Something akin to power pop 1 Elf Power - The Great Society 2 The Records - Teenarama 3 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Total Meltdown 4 The Dbs - Dynamite 5 The Field Mice -  You’re Kidding Aren’t You 6 The Flatmates - My Empty Head 7 This Poison - The Great Divide [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.25.18

1979 Part 1 1Dice Man by The Fall 2Kamikaze by The Boys 3Does Your Mother Know by Abba 4Domino by The Cramps 5D’Ya Think I’m Sexy by Hybrid Kids 6Atlantis Town by Rockets 7Happy People by The Weirdos 8Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 9Noise Noise Noise by The Damned 10I Am The Marshall by Elton Motello 11Prime of My Life by Human Switchboard 12He’s Frank (Slight Return) by The Monochrome Set 13Baiser by Chris Sievey 14Jet Lag by 20/20 15Get Off [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.22.17

A tribute to The Shaggs and other oddballs and eccentrics in music. 1 What Should I Do? by The Shaggs 2 Just Another Crazy Day At The Farm by Dot Wiggin Band 3 Who Are Parents by Danielson Famile 4 Things I Wonder by The Shaggs 5 It’s Halloween by Brittany Anjou 6 Shaggs’ Own [...]

Musical Thingarium 02.14.17

Happy Valentines Day! 1 Ich Liebe Dich by Mick Harvey and Andrea Schroeder 2 Inside Out and Upside Down by The Cramps 3 She’s the One by The Ramones 4 Now That I Have You I’m Bored by Corner Laughers 5 Skinhead Love Affair by Bad Manners 6 The Punks Are Writing Love Songs by [...]

Musical Thingarium 09.13.16

Music from 1981 1 Surfin’ and Spyin’ by The Go Go’s 2 I Can’t Get Bouncing Babies From the Teardrop Explodes by The Freshies 3 Spiders by The Vapors 4 Late Night City by Comateens 5 Looks by Student Teachers 6 A Promise by Echo and the Bunnymen  7 I’m Shakin by The Blasters 8 [...]

Musical Thingarium 7.21.16

Special all 1980 show! 1 A Certain Girl by Warren Zevon 2 Sleepwalk by Ultravox 3 Run Through The Light by Yes 4 Telegram Sam by Bauhaus 5 On and On and On by Abba 6 Summer Fun by The Barracudas 7 F-F-Fascination by The Fleshtones 8 That's Not Right by Utopia 9 Modern Times [...]