Musical Thingarium 05.31.18

Fun and funky 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 21st Century sounds from around the world! 1 Komeda – Boogie Woogie/Rock and Roll 2 The Mighty Mocambos – The Spell of Ra-Orkon 3 Kati Kovacs – Kek Farmer 4 Charlotte Gainsbourg – Sylvia Says 5 Moebius – Born on a Saturday Night 6 The Bombay Royale – Bhediya 7 Peter Thomas Sound Orkester – Happy 8 The Mysterons – Hurricane 9 Jeanette – Porque […]

Musical Thingarium 11.30.17

The music of 2017 1 I Left My Body by They Might Be Giants 2 Killing Karma by Sol Heilo 3 Bone China Face by Teleman 4 Billy Boel by Imitating Aeroplanes 5 Semicircle Song by The Go Team 6 Get Em Up by The Derevolutions 7 Lollipop (Ode to Jim) by Alvvays 8 Radio Girl by Pi Ja Ma 9 Cure For Today by Arts & Leisure 10 Post Office Girl by Mini Dresses 11 Oh George by Peaness 12 Biblically Speaking by The Just Joans 13 Night Song by The Lemon Twigs […]

Caroline Rose

Singer/songwriter Caroline Rose has no official home, but her music has found a permanent place in the hearts of her fans. Rose will perform at the Vermont Arts Exchange in a co-presentation with Billsville House Concerts. The road, at least for now, is Rose’s most consistent home, and it’s the source of her inspiration. Her […]