Musical Thingarium 07.25.19

Funtime fun! 1 Jonathan Richman - People Are Disgusting 2 The Delmonas - Dr Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine 3 Spider Nick and the Mad Dogs - Ca Plane Pour Moi (Punk Medley) 4 Shonen Knife - California Lemon Tree 5 Violent Femmes - Another Chorus 6 Barbara Howard - It’s Not Unusual 7 April [...]

Musical Thingarium 02.21.19

Songs that are not at all in the spirit of Valentine's Day 1 Nick Lowe - People Change 2 They Might Be Giants - You Don’t Like Me 3 Komeda - Nonsense 4 Shakespears Sister - You’re History 5 The Just Joans - These Boots Are Made For Stalking 6 Kid Creole - But I [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.31.19

All the tracks I never got around to playing before in one big broadcast 1 The Runaways - Second Main Titles Sequence 2 The Magnetic Fields = ’78: The Blizzard of '78 3 Dot Wiggin Band - My Favorite Record 4 They Might Be Giants - Door to Door Minotaur 5 The Residents - Easter [...]

Musical Thingarium 12.20.19

All 80s covers! 1 Jackson Jills - Church of the Poisoned Mind 2 Morrissey - Back on the Chain Gang 3 Janice Whaley - Sheila Take a Bow 4 The Sharks - Sgt Rock 5 Hannah Peel - Blue Monday 6 Alkaline Trio - Waiting for the Blackout 7 Raquel Ralha and Pedro Renato - [...]

Musical Thingarium 07.27.17

Utter chaos with Bollywood, Disco, 80s and more 1 Birthday Reminder by The Smittens 2 Please Don't Play A Rainy Night In Georgia by TWA Toots 3 I Can't Stop Holding On by The Cleaners From Venus 4 Sharon's Been Deflowered and Defoliated by The Kamikaze Sex Pilots 5 Young Cleopatra by Andy Partridge 6 [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.29.17

A variety show featuring electronic sounds, strange disco, select vinyl, and more! 1 My Pal Foot Foot (Live at Solid Sound) by The Shaggs 2 A Bigger More Important Sound (ECC Mix) by Raymond Scott 3 Song of the Death Machine by Bruce Haack 4 Thinking Machine by They Might Be Giants 5 Costello Kids [...]

Musical Thingarium 06.22.17

A tribute to The Shaggs and other oddballs and eccentrics in music. 1 What Should I Do? by The Shaggs 2 Just Another Crazy Day At The Farm by Dot Wiggin Band 3 Who Are Parents by Danielson Famile 4 Things I Wonder by The Shaggs 5 It’s Halloween by Brittany Anjou 6 Shaggs’ Own [...]

Musical Thingarium 10.19.16

Records I bought in Wales and plenty more. 1 Turtle Songs of North America by They Might Be Giants 2 The American (acoustic) by Simple Minds 3 B-Side by San Cisco 4 Saw You Two Times by The Rumble Strips 5 Travaillez by Duchess Says 6 A Great Snake by The Lemon Twigs 7 All That [...]