Musical Thingarium 05.10.18

1978 1 Synthi and Gert – Sister Susie’s Synthesizer 2 Rich Kids – Ghosts of Princes in Towers 3 The Clash – 1-2 Crush on You 4 Alternative TV – Action Time Vision 5 Kleenex – Ain’t You 6 Jilted John – I Know I’ll Never 7 The Adverts – New Day Dawns 8 Ace Frehley – New York Groove 9 Eater – Reach For the Sky 10 Generation X – Ready Steady Go 11 […]

Musical Thingarium 01.25.18

1979 Part 1 1Dice Man by The Fall 2Kamikaze by The Boys 3Does Your Mother Know by Abba 4Domino by The Cramps 5D’Ya Think I’m Sexy by Hybrid Kids 6Atlantis Town by Rockets 7Happy People by The Weirdos 8Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 9Noise Noise Noise by The Damned 10I Am The Marshall by Elton Motello 11Prime of My Life by Human Switchboard 12He’s Frank (Slight Return) by The Monochrome Set 13Baiser by Chris Sievey 14Jet Lag by 20/20 15Get Off […]

Bonus Radio: This But Not This 03.23.17

1 Lady Godiva by Boney M 2 The Rot Sets In by Exmagician 3 Twilight Cafe by Bis 4 Trouble by Girl Ray 5 Please Let’s Go Away by Trementina 6 Do The Void by Crocodiles 7 Flip Flip Flip by SKATER 8 We Get Back by Knox Hamilton 9 Face In The  Moon by […]

Musical Thingarium 08.16.16

A strange variety with international music, disco, cut and paste, and so much more. 1 An Animated Description Of Mr. Maps by The Books 2 This Is Who I Am by Paul de Jong 3 No More Free Will by The Bran Flakes 4 Mr. Quicke cuts the Cheese by DJ Food 5 George Formby Turntablised […]

Musical Thingarium 06.23.16

International ’70s pop, Canadian country music, and 80s bands! 1 1941 by George Burns 2 Fly Away by Lanu 3 Estuvo Bien by Mexrrissey 4 In Your Fur by Teleman 5 The Power Is On by The Go! Team 6 Tu Me Dis Oui, Tu Me Dis No by zofka 7 Stay by Tully on […]

Musical Thingarium 5.19.16

Disco, New Wave, and sunny weather songs! 1 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) by Boney M. 2 Rodneys English Disco by Helen Love 3 Disco Disaster by Human League 4 The World Is a Disco Ball by Future Bible Heroes 5 Disco Man by The Damned 6 Dream Of A Disco by Marsheaux 7 […]