Musical Thingarium 05.02.19

3rd Anniversary show! 1 Mrs Miller – I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail 2 The Freshies – I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk 3 Graduate – Elvis Should Play Ska 4 Tellus – Lip Service 5 The Tudors – Tied Up With Lou Cool 6 Bernard Adamus – […]

Musical Thingarium 7.7.16

Spoken word paired with music sound collage, plus Israeli and disco vinyl The spoken word collage in the first hour features the music and voices of Kreskin, Frank Edwards, Space Art, Delia Derbyshire, Barry Berma, Virginia Astley, L. Ron Hubbard, Art of Noise, The Atomic Crocus, Raveen, Bang on a Can, Bernard Fevre, Didier Maurouani, Sigur […]

Musical Thingarium 5.26.16

Space tunes and Polish pop! 1 No 15 by Roger Roger 2 Galactica by Rockets 3 Space Team by Bernard Fevre 4 Monkeys In Space by Unknown Narrator 5 Mission To Venus by Silver Convention 6 Robottom by James Asher 7 Nightflight to Venus by Boney M. 8 Space Ride by Leda 9 Cosmic Daddy […]