Musical Thingarium 11.07.19

The Spoken Thingarium 1 Spy numbers recording paired with Klaus Morlock / Please Reveal Yourself 2 Eccentronic Research Council - Innes's Dream 3 Patty Hearst, Day 80, April 24, 1974 paired with Quimper / Geoffrey 4 The Flabby American 5 Charles Spearin - Mrs. Morris 6 Christian Astronaut - Loosenut Tell How To Take A [...]

Musical Thingarium 02.08.18

Northern Icy Music 1 Adna - If 2 Sigur Ros - Hafsol 3 Liza Anne - Northern Wind 4 The Magnetic North - Yesnaby 5 Bjork & Dirty Projectors - Sharing Orb 6 Beautify Junkyards - Radiocactivity 7 Mum - Underwater Snow 8 Tamaryn - Choirs of Winter 9 Frøkedal - Don’t Look Back 10 Gemma Ray [...]

Musical Thingarium 10.26.17

More Folk Horror!!! 1The Red Barn by The Owl Service 2Moonshiners by Nathaniel Robin Mann 3Cut Below The Knee by Quimper 4Ye Mariners All by Relig Oran 5Deo's Erotas by Daemonia Nymphe 6[untitled fragment] by Klaus Morlock 7The Weeping Tree by Revbjelde 8Tanz mit mir by Faun 9The Geography by Belbury Poly 10Lord Of The Reedy River by Kate Bush 11Coleman Grey by A Tiding of Magpies 12Drugged Shepherd by Hills Have Riffs 13Le Déserteur - Le Congé by Malicorne 14Pan [...]

Musical Thingarium 02.28.17

Music from Iceland and Norway 1 Inni mer syngur vitleysingur by Sigur Ros 2 FF Ekki CC by Benni Hemm Hemm 3 Guilty Rocks by Mum 4 Babbage by Apparat Organ Quartet 5 Katta Rokkar by Bjork 6 Cold Summer by Seabear 7 Weird Friendless Kid by Emilliana Torrini 8 Horfid by Lay Low 9 [...]