Musical Thingarium 07.11.19

A true Bat-tacular!! 1 Petra Haden - Batman Theme 2 The Plaid Jackets - Adam West is Batman 3 De Hazestaartjes - Batman 4 Cruela - Batman 5 The Shapes - I Saw Batman In The Launderette 6 Mike and Bernie Winters - That Man Batman 7 Batman - L’invincible Batman 8 The Chud - [...]

Musical Thingarium 01.11.18

Music from some of those who passed away in 2017 1The Thing by Adam West 2Mountain Over The Hill by Clem Curtis 3We Could Never Be Friends by David Cassidy 4Many Colored Semi Precious Plastic Easter Eggs by Peter Sarstedt 5She’s Much Too Much by Wayne Cochran 6Tulsa Time by Don Williams 7Bonaparte’s Retreat by [...]