Musical Thingarium 04.11.19

All 1990 show 1 The Pixies - Rock Music 2 Joan Jett - Dirty Deeds 3 The Cramps - Journey to the Center of a Girl 4 The Fall - Hilary 5 The Pretenders - Millionaires 6 The Breeders - Fortunately Gone 7 Uncle Tupelo - That Year 8 Yo La Tengo - Emulsified 9 [...]

Musical Thingarium 12.20.19

All 80s covers! 1 Jackson Jills - Church of the Poisoned Mind 2 Morrissey - Back on the Chain Gang 3 Janice Whaley - Sheila Take a Bow 4 The Sharks - Sgt Rock 5 Hannah Peel - Blue Monday 6 Alkaline Trio - Waiting for the Blackout 7 Raquel Ralha and Pedro Renato - [...]

Musical Thingarium 09.28.17

A group birthday bash and new vinyl! 17 AM by Jacqueline Taieb 2Don’t Mess With The Messer by Koko Taylor 3Where Ya Calling From Charlie? by Arnold Stang 4Ciao Rudy il mio nome by Marcello Mastroianni 5C’est Rigolo by Brigitte Bardot 6La Beaute by Sylvia Kristel 7Valley Girl by Moon Zappa and Frank Zappa 8Psychopath by St. Vincent 9Disco 82 by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar 10Hermit of Misty Mountain by Ben E. King 11Trace [...]

Musical Thingarium 03.21.17

All 1984 show 1 Anything by The Damned 2 This Town by Hey! Elastica 3 The Sun and the Rain by Madness 4 Rough Justice by Bananarama 5 You’re the Wish You Are I Had by XTC 6 P.O.E. by Adam Ant 7 My Kingdom by Echo and the Bunnymen 8 Holy Moly by Bunnydrums [...]

Bonus Radio: This But Not This 03.02.17

1 Hello by Ultravox 2 Dark Cloud by Modern English 3 Dead Weight by Wire 4 See The Lights by Simple Minds 5 Herbert by Madness 6 Constantinople by Echo and the Bunnymen 7 Lose The Reason by The Primitives 8 Let’s Go Supernova by Fuzzbox 9 Sunny by Squeeze 10 Traveling Solves Everything by [...]

Musical Thingarium 11.29.16

All 1982 show! 1 Someone’s Calling by Modern English 2 From Small Things by Dave Edmunds 3 You’re My Favorite Waste Of Time by Marshall Crenshaw 4 Dozen Girls by The Damned 5 Red Scab by Adam Ant 6 Primrose Hill by Madness 7 Zulu Beat by King Kurt 8 The Telephone Always Rings by [...]

Musical Thingarium 09.27.16

Odd and obscure 80s vinyl 1 Swamp Thing by Malcom McLaren 2 Deutscher Girls by Adam and the Ants 3 Rockin With Rita by Fuzzbox 4 Damage Is Done by One The Juggler 5 Close Circuit Connection by Fingerprintz 6 Hot Rod Rocky by Jools Holland 7 1969 by The Pretenders 8 Black and White [...]

Musical Thingarium 7.7.16

Spoken word paired with music sound collage, plus Israeli and disco vinyl The spoken word collage in the first hour features the music and voices of Kreskin, Frank Edwards, Space Art, Delia Derbyshire, Barry Berma, Virginia Astley, L. Ron Hubbard, Art of Noise, The Atomic Crocus, Raveen, Bang on a Can, Bernard Fevre, Didier Maurouani, Sigur [...]