Musical Thingarium 11.21.19

Musical Thingarium 11.21.19

A legion of Superman songs! 1 The Dark Bob – Up Up and Away 2 Rick Springfield – I’m Your Superman 3 Alla Pugacheva – Superman 4 Firewater – So Long Superman 5 I Fight Dragons – No One Likes Superman Anymore 6 The Electric Illuminati – Sin City Superman 7 Kerry & Kaye with […]

Musical Thingarium 11.07.19

Musical Thingarium 11.07.19

The Spoken Thingarium 1 Spy numbers recording paired with Klaus Morlock / Please Reveal Yourself 2 Eccentronic Research Council – Innes’s Dream 3 Patty Hearst, Day 80, April 24, 1974 paired with Quimper / Geoffrey 4 The Flabby American 5 Charles Spearin – Mrs. Morris 6 Christian Astronaut – Loosenut Tell How To Take A […]

Musical Thingarium 10.24.19

Musical Thingarium 10.24.19

Another Satanic Thingarium!!! 1 David Beatty & the Harmonettes – I Just Got Off the Devil’s Train 2 Harvey McLaughlin – The Devil in the Dance Hall 3 Uncle Tupelo – Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down 4 Big Fancy – The Devil is a Hard Man 5 Gillian Welch – The Devil Had a […]

Musical Thingarium 08.01.19

The Satanic Thingarium! 1 Little Marcy – Devil Devil Go Away 2 Randy Newman – Can’t Keep A Good Man Down 3 Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs – Devil Do 4 Future Bible Heroes – Satan, Your Way Is a Hard One 5 Anne McCue and Dave Alvin – Devil in the Middle 6 The […]

Musical Thingarium 05.30.19

The groovy international sounds of the 1960s 1 Plommons – Last Train to Liverpool 2 The Stormies – Drums in the Storm 3 Vetty – Nicolas 4 Emy Jackson & Blue Comets – Namida No Go Go 5 The Rivets – Kinky Boots And Leather Clothes 6 The Rollies – manari a go go 7 […]

Musical Thingarium 04.25.19

Punk! Disco! Soviet girl singers! Christian revelations! This one has it all! 1 The Sursiks – Sister 2 Les Producteurs de Porcs – God Save the President 3 Duggie Briggs Band – Punk Rocking Granny 4 Paul Jones – Pretty Vacant 5 The Killjoys – All the Way 6 The Bureau – Looking for Excitement […]

Musical Thingarium 03.14.19

Selections from the records I’ve bought over the past few months 1 Charles Bernstein – Viva Knievel 2 Cairo – Movie Stars 3 Young and Moody Band – Don’t Do That 4 Binky Baker and the Pit Orchestra – Toe Knee Black Burn 5 Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band – Richard 6 […]

Musical Thingarium 08.10.17

All Vinyl show 1 These Boots Are Made For Walking by Balsara and His Singing Sitars 2 The Plumber by Murry Wilson 3 King of the Road/ 59th Street Bridge Song/ I Kissed Her on the Back Porch/ Satisfaction by George Burns 4 The Romantics of Sports Car Semantics by Paul O’Shea 5 There’s No […]

Musical Thingarium 06.29.17

A variety show featuring electronic sounds, strange disco, select vinyl, and more! 1 My Pal Foot Foot (Live at Solid Sound) by The Shaggs 2 A Bigger More Important Sound (ECC Mix) by Raymond Scott 3 Song of the Death Machine by Bruce Haack 4 Thinking Machine by They Might Be Giants 5 Costello Kids […]

Musical Thingarium 06.14.17

A Vinyl Record listening party! 1 Excerpt from Detection of Mental Retardation in Children by Spoken Word 2 Shaft by Esso Steel Band of Bermuda 3 Palmyra String Band by Palmyra String Band 4 Please Release Me by The Michigan Polka-Tels 5 My Mammy by The Happenings 6 I’ve Got The Music In Me by […]

Musical Thingarium 01.10.17

Weird Christian music! 1 Broadcast Theme by Word of Life Family Singers 2 Alleluia Polka by Dick Pillar and His Orchestra 3 Spirit Song by The Dameans 4 I Wish We’d All Been Ready by New Life Trio 5 Holy Holy Holy by Tim Elia 6 In Sodom Town by Sebastian Temple 7 The Devil’s […]

Musical Thingarium 01.03.17

All vinyl show 1 2001/CC Rider by Rick Presley 2 Good Rockin Tonight by Jerry Lee Lewis and Orion 3 Whatever Happened to Charlie Brown by Carol Channing and Rita Remington 4 Y’all Come by Pete Drake 5 Parking For Cheaters by Dee Mullins 6 Flashback To Happy by David Allen 7 Love is Surrender […]

Musical Thingarium 11.15.16

Vinyl and further weirdness 1 Bossa Nova Italiano by Marty Sabell 2 Zwodzony mosl by Irena Santor 3 Put a little love in your heart/what the world needs now by Connie Jackson and Men of the Sun 4 A Hundred Front Doors by David Allan 5 Quick Joey Small by Clive Allan Orchestra 6 You […]

Musical Thingarium 06.16.16

All Vinyl Edition featuring bad Christian music, strange 80s rap, and generally bizarre sounds 1 Electro Springs by Eric Peters 2 Crying For His Bird by Jerry Lewis 3 Mutants of Mega City One by Fink Brothers 4 Hey DJ by World Famous Supreme Team 5 Snack Attack by Godley and Creme 6 We Like […]