Arthur Yorinks

With its depiction of destiny and decay and undertones of debauchery, “The Fall of the House of Usher” is Edgar Allan Poe’s hallucinatory fever dream of a short story. For Arthur Yorinks, the story has been not quite an albatross around his neck, but certainly part of a decades-long mission. Yorinks is well-known for his […]

Circus 1903

Circus 1903

Time travel is not yet possible, but the illusion of it is, as Circus 1903 proves. Combining old-school circus acts and settings with theater and puppetry, the stage show has entranced spectators with a performance that stands at the meeting point between the circus’ past and future. Birthed in Australia and conceived by the same […]

Juarez: A Documentary Mythology

Juarez, Mexico didn’t want to be the world’s most dangerous city, but the drug cartels waged a war there that brought violence, murder and abduction into daily life for the citizens Ruben Polendo, the founding artistic director of Theater Mitu has taken the darkness and fashioned it into a multi media performance that explores the […]

Hai-Ting Chinn: Science Class

Opera singer Hai-Ting Chinn often found herself hired to perform works that celebrated religion and art, but never science. She’s changing that dynamic with her show, Science Fair, which brings together her profession and her passion into one presentation, to be performed at the Daniels Art Center at Simon’s Rock, on Saturday, Sept. 10, at […]

Doug Elkins & the Paul Taylor Dance Company

When the Paul Taylor Dance Company returns to the Mahaiwe Performance Center for its ninth consecutive summer season there, the group will offer for the first time a performance from its Taylor Company Commissions, which brings in outside choreographers to choreograph work for the company. For this effort, choreographer Doug Elkins has one eye clearly […]

Camille A. Brown

Choreographer Camille A. Brown is having a great year on top of a series of other great ones. As the founder of Camille A. Brown and Dancers Repertory she’s created engaging work with a political scope, in balance with her other theatrical choreography and her involvement with efforts like The Gathering, an annual event for […]


A new dance work to be unveiled at Mass MoCA promises to bring Jack Kerouac into the 21st Century, tracing mobility as something that was once a form of rebellion, but has now become the norm for Americans. The performance of On The Road by dance company Zvidance, under the leadership of creative director Zvi […]

Taylor Mac

Performance artist Taylor Mac is about to tackle the show of his lifetime, and his country’s life as well — a 24-hour-long musical examination of the history of the United States, organized decade-by-decade. The day-long show will take place next fall in New York City, but the lead-up sees Mac perform select blocks of decades as he […]

Paola Prestini: The Aging Magician

Coming to Mass MoCA for a residency and premiere of The Aging Magician, composer Paola Prestini says that multi-media productions are necessarily intimate and lengthy collaborations, children of multiple-parentage that reflect their genes seamlessly. “I’ve been working on it with the same team for many, many years,” she said. “Believe it or not, it’s really, […]

Big Dance Theater: This Page Left Intentionally Blank

The latest dance performance to appear at Mass MoCA won’t take place on a stage, but that’s not the only way it parts from tradition. Big Dance Theater’s “This Page Left Intentionally Blank” will wind its movement through the museum itself, taking the idea of a guided tour and using that to create new ideas […]

Love + Radio

Wind-Up Fest might be a reboot of the Williamstown Film Festival, but it’s not limited by movies. With documentary film as its backbone, Wind-Up will expand from that and into other realms of non-fiction, including storytelling, journalism, and podcasts, to offer a multimedia experience. Representing that latter category will be Nick van der Kolk, creator, […]

Secret Science Club

Going on a date has certain conventions, but Dorian Devins and Margaret Mittelbach, the minds behind the Secret Science Club, aim to widen those boundaries with their monthly science talk/cocktail social in New York City. Now they’re bringing the Secret Science Club to Mass MoCA to drop some science. “Dorian is renowned in New York […]

Laura Bartolomei

Italian puppeteer Laura Bartolomei is exploring her own consciousness and sleep world with her show that also investigates the universal experience of dreaming. She will perform her show, “Dorme,” at Branch Gallery at18 Holden St., on Monday, Dec. 2, at 6 p.m. as part of the MCLA Puppet Fest. “Dorme” follows the dreams of a […]

John Kelly

Performer John Kelly reaches back more than 20 years for “Find My Way Home” and finds it even more relevant in 2011. Kelly’s new production will be performed at Mass MoCA on Saturday, Oct. 15, at 8 p.m. “Find My Way Home” is a revival of 1988 multi-media musical based on the Greek myth of […]

John Jasperse

Choreographer John Jasperse’s interest in the human experience of getting lost in a visceral moment finds its expression through movement in a new dance piece, “Canyon.” Jasperse will bring his new work-in-progress for a performance at Mass MoCA as he prepares for a debut at the Philly Fringe Festival in September. “Canyon” will be performed […]

John Hodgman

Writer/ comedian John Hodgman claims to be an expert in many things, and it’s this claim, rather than the reality of it, that has garnered attention. Hodgman appears often on “The Daily Show” and is the author of two popular books, “The Area Of My Expertise” and “More Information Than You Require.” He is also […]

Alison Chase

Choreographer Alison Chase is bringing her latest effort to Mass MoCA for a week-long residency. The short stay will culminate in a performance adaptation of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez work by utilizing live video, projected film and photography, music and, of course, dance. Chase, a resident of Maine, heads Alison Chase Performance, which specializes in […]

Profile: Stephen Petronio

A recent work by dancer/choreographer Stephen Petronio, “I Drink The Air Before Me,” pulls its inspirations from storms in reality and throughout literature, particularly that in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” a line from which Petronio uses as the name for his dance performance. “I thought that was a really beautiful metaphor for the kind of aspiration […]

Profile: Phantom Limb

The performance troupe Phantom Limb is set to combine puppetry, dance and music to recount the Antarctic adventures of Ernest Shackleton in the show “69 Degrees South: The Shackleton Project.” Following a developmental residency at Mass MoCA, the show will premiere at the museum Saturday, March 13, at 8 p.m. The troupe is lead by […]

The Yes Men

In the new movie “The Yes Men Fix the World,” Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno continue their performance infiltrations, which serve as political action with a sense of humor. The film documents their recent exploits, including a fraudulent apology and promise of a clean-up from Dow Chemical for the 1984 chemical spill in Bhopal, Madhya […]

Jennifer Miller/Circus Amok

Performer Jennifer Miller takes two different formats — political theater and traditional circus — and mixes them up in one ring for people of all types to enjoy. “It’s a big spectacle,” said Miller, “and it’s in a ring and it has a big band — and I’m the ringmaster.” Miller helms Circus Amok, a New York City-based performance troupe delivering […]