What is the truth about the Bennington Triangle?

What is the truth about the Bennington Triangle?

The Bennington Triangle may not be as well known as the Bermuda Triangle, but it has more verifiable mysteries within its three-pointed designation. Located in Southern Vermont, and including the ghost town of Glastenbury at the center of it, the Triangle is host to numerous macabre and mysterious events, including murder and monsters, following a […]

From The Archive: The Movie Bastard

(Back in the 1990s when everyone was creating their own zine, I set about — inspired by everything from Psychotronic to Leonard Maltin — to create my own movie guide in zine form. I called it The Movie Bastard. At the time we were working on a comic called Very Vicky and didn’t have a lot of money, especially […]

From The Archive: Boozing In Boston, A Brief Memoir

(This was written in 1995 in order to capture the world of Boston-area bars that seemed likely to disappear at some point. So for posterity, I did my best. I hoped to sell it to the Boston Phoenix, but apparently there was some issue about advertisers, as in they were worried some of these places […]