Forgotten TV: Rabbit Fall

When in the past I’ve written one of these Forgotten TV pieces, it has always concerned a hidden relic from the 20th Century. I think the most recent show is from the early 1990s. Rabbit Fall breaks that tradition. For a show that aired in 2007, it is unexpectedly mysterious. Not a lot of people […]

Forgotten TV: Dangerous Women

Here’s an oddity not only in the annals of television, but in the annals of the women in prison genre. This was an attempt by the producers of the Australian soap opera Prisoner Of Cell Block H (full disclosure: my favorite TV show ever) to bring their behind the bars drama to the U.S. This […]

Forgotten TV: The Gemini Factor

This 1987 science fiction mystery is one that you know the ending up front. The real mystery is in how it gets there. What transpires isn’t quite as satisfying as you expect, despite the show’s quality. The set-up is that orphaned Leah (Louisa Milwood-Haigh) is a mopey sort of do-gooder who is not only taken […]

Forgotten TV: The Doombolt Chase

This is a fun espionage romp for kids from 1978 that features three kids battling international saboteurs in a Navy setting. The story begins with an incident at sea. Commander David Wheeler (Donald Burton) rams his ship into a fishing boat and finds himself under court martial for doing so. His son, Richard (Andrew Ashby), […]

Forgotten TV: King of the Castle

When it comes to truly bizarre children’s television, this 1977 British series is without a doubt, and I apologize for putting it this way, king of the castle. Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, the creators of the wonderful Sky and K-9 from Doctor Who, King Of The Castle was their attempt to create […]

Forgotten TV: Children Of The Dog Star

My only previous encounter with a children’s show from New Zealand was Under The Mountain, made in 1981. I enjoyed it very much, but Children of the Dog Star, made a mere three years later, shows an incredible leap in maturity and quality over what is essentially the same subject — an alien visit to Earth and […]

Forgotten TV: The Girl From Tomorrow

In the annals of cool girls in science fiction, The Girl From Tomorrow stands out as a little known, but entirely pivotal chapter. So much better than it ever needed to be, this Australian show from 1990 follows the adventures of teenager Jenny Kelly ((Melissa Marshall) dissatisfied, bored, a kid who doesn’t fit in at […]

Forgotten TV: Survivors

Whenever I’ve stumbled into an online list proclaiming the best science fiction TV shows ever, I very rarely see the 1975 post-apocalyptic British drama Survivors listed, and that’s not only a shame, but a sad indication of how we’ve come to think about science fiction. Special effects are the currency of the genre, unfortunately, and […]

Forgotten TV: Come Back Lucy

The 1978 series holds more than a few surprises in context of the trope it employs that is a classic in British children’s fantasy. You know the one, where a child is sent away to live with a distant relative, sometimes because they are orphaned, sometimes because the parents travel or are too rich to […]

Forgotten TV: Under The Mountain

This 1981 television adaptation of Maurice Gee’s 1979 book at least proves New Zealand children’s TV at the time wasn’t as embarrassing as your mind might conjure. At least this particular show can make that claim, being fairly compelling and well-directed for most of the time despite the inevitable clunkiness that will rear its head […]

Forgotten TV: Knights Of God

Dystopian YA clutters the current landscape to such a degree that it’s hard to remember a time when such tales registered way below most people’s radar and were, in fact, a rarity. Maybe that accounts for how seldom you hear Knights of God evoked when talking about old television shows. Only broadcast one time ever […]

Forgotten TV: The Nightmare Man

The structure of this series — four 30 minute episodes — makes it tempting to say that this is really a film split up into parts, but that’s not really the case. In fact, it’s the splitting that partly gives it charm, and partly to mash it together would only work to expose its flaws. There was a time […]

Forgotten TV: Children of the Stones

The 1976 children’s series Children of the Stones comes up again and again in lists from British folk pulling from their childhood for the television shows and movies that creeped them out the most. And creepy is the central mood of the series as it pulls from the trope of strange English villages with sinister […]

Forgotten TV: Star Maidens

The 1975–76 German/English co-production Star Maidens, without any doubt, is the worst science fiction television series ever made, no contest. This is not up for argument. If you think it is, you should step away, because you are wrong. Whereas so many television shows that come close to the mark might still contain a clunky […]

Forgotten TV: Noah’s Castle

There is probably no better moment to revisit this little-remembered British television show from almost 40 years ago, since no point in time has seemed more like the events portrayed in 1979’s Noah’s Castle than the present. Our 21st Century post-Bush, Obama years reality is one that sometimes seems to be disintegrating before our eyes, […]

Forgotten TV: The Starlost

A lot of reviewers choose to bury The Starlost but I’m here to praise it. And I’m here to do so in celebration of the most unexpected iteration of futuristic television viewing I can imagine — The Starlost Roku channel (though the show is also available on DVD for you old technologists out there). You got it. […]

Forgotten TV: Codename Icarus

Paranoia seemed like it had an audience in film in the 1970s, but not so much in television, let alone children’s television, unless you count The Night Stalker. It wouldn’t become standard fare until the 1990s, when The X Files made such discomfort not only palatable, but preferable to genre series. That makes Codename: Icarus, […]

Forgotten TV: Raven

Sometimes, you love things that you don’t actually like. Anyone with relatives knows the feeling. It is that way with TV shows, often ones from your childhood experience, but sometimes you encounter something as an adult that is quite something for what it is, even as it doesn’t quite hit the mark, and it touches […]

Forgotten TV: Shadow of the Stone

This apparently very rare 1987 British TV show for kids admittedly feels like it’s a ’70s show, but I think that’s one of its strengths, actually, since it veers into darkness while retaining a quality of innocence. Perhaps this is a result of the struggle between the nice enough script and the never-seen-a-performance-quite-like-this-on-a-kid’s show turn […]

Forgotten TV: Escape Into Night

This ITV children’s series was adapted from the 1958 book Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr, which is probably a lot more familiar as the source material for the 1988 film Paperhouse, which was apparently nowhere near as faithful to the book as this 1972 version (though some accuse it of lifting the TV show’s visual […]

Forgotten TV: Sky

Created by the two gentleman that gave us K9 on Doctor Who — Bob Baker and Dave Martin, who wrote 32 episodes of the original Who series and some Wallace and Gromit, including the Were-Rabbit movie — Sky is psychedelic kid’s science fiction TV in the best possible sense of the phrase. Aired in 1975, […]

Forgotten TV: Korg 70,000 BC

This show about the deep, dark times before any real recorded history was aired in the dead, dark times of Saturday morning television, full of non-ironic weirdness and delights, the early 1970s. This was my era of kids’ shows, and the one thing that fasciantes me more than the shows I did watch and enjoy […]