Trenton Doyle Hancock @ Mass MoCA

Every art show is the result of the artist’s imagination pouring out into reality, allowing ideas to seize tangible representation in the physical universe. But Trenton Doyle Hancock’s new show at Mass MoCA, “Mind of the Mound: Critical Mass,” is also an effort to pull visitors inside the imagination of the Houston-based artist. The show […]

The Decemberists: Jenny Conlee

The Decemberists: Jenny Conlee

The Decemberists have staked a claim on their own corner of the modern music world. The American indie rock band has an output that draws from the literary form of lyricism exploring the wicked side of humanity through a multitude of musical forms. Sometimes, it might take the form of an acoustic ballad, other times […]

Allison Janae Hamilton @ Mass MoCA

A new show at Mass MoCA takes a closer look at the landscape — not just as a visual attraction, but as something that affects everyday human lives and communities. Although the scope of this theme is extensive, the vessel to address it is more personal: The artist Allison Janae Hamilton uses scenes from her Southern childhood […]

Rachel Howard @ Mass MoCA

Rachel Howard @ Mass MoCA

With her new show at Mass MoCA, British painter Rachel Howard’s reputation has preceded her.A former spot painter for Damien Hirst in the 1990s, Howard is now an acclaimed abstract painter, with the British newspaper The Telegraph proclaiming her “one of the finest abstract painters of her generation.” Her focus on dark topics, like sin […]

Charles Forsman: It’s the End of the Effing World

When the television show “The End of the Fucking World” debuted on British television in October, it was greeted with unanimous rave reviews. Less known amidst the acclaim is the show’s Berkshire origins: It is based on a comic book created by Adams-based cartoonist Charles “Chuck” Forsman. Forsman’s 2013 graphic novel follows troubled teenagers James […]

The Shaggs reunite at Solid Sound

When Kurt Cobain listed his favorite albums of all-time, number five went to an obscure 1969 record by an all-sisters band from Fremont, N.H., called The Shaggs. Frank Zappa proclaimed the Shaggs to be “better than the Beatles.” As the Shaggs, the Wiggin sisters — Dot, Betty, Helen and Rachel — etched out a unique place in modern music […]