Shannon Taggart: Séance

Shannon Taggart: Séance

I was excited when I saw that photographer Shannon Taggart had a new book coming out this year. Séance is a collection of her photography in the community of Lily Dale, New York, the world’s largest populace of spiritualists. She’s spent 18 years documenting this community and I was fortunate enough to interview her about […]

Trenton Doyle Hancock @ Mass MoCA

Every art show is the result of the artist’s imagination pouring out into reality, allowing ideas to seize tangible representation in the physical universe. But Trenton Doyle Hancock’s new show at Mass MoCA, “Mind of the Mound: Critical Mass,” is also an effort to pull visitors inside the imagination of the Houston-based artist. The show […]

Painter Allison Gildersleeve

For Brooklyn-based artist, Allison Gildersleeve, a new show at the Cynthia-Reeves Gallery in North Adams is a chance not just to show her recent work in a gallery setting, but to invite viewers inside it. “The Retelling,” on view now through Nov. 3, will be about more than showing her paintings. It’s also about revealing […]

Abstract painter Craig Stockwell

Abstract painter Craig Stockwell knows that his form of communication can seem chilly to some viewers and strives for the human touch to sing out in his work. His show “Love Songs,” which closes Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Gravity Gallery in North Adams, is his effort to take the work out of the intellectual […]

Pat Falco: Antiques that challenge assumptions

The artist Pat Falco was born and raised in Boston, and he hasn’t left. That’s reflected in the Boston-centric nature of his art, which tackles issues like income inequality, gentrification and racism in context of real estate development and the cost of living in his hometown. But now he’s bringing his work across Massachusetts to […]

Taryn Simon @ Mass MoCA

In her new show at Mass MoCA, artist Taryn Simon offers ways in which the personal and the powerful interact on an intangible, emotional level, translating an individual’s singular passionate reaction into tacit approval of something larger. Alongside an expansive survey of her book-making work, Simon’s show features two distinct parts that each stand on […]

Allison Janae Hamilton @ Mass MoCA

A new show at Mass MoCA takes a closer look at the landscape — not just as a visual attraction, but as something that affects everyday human lives and communities. Although the scope of this theme is extensive, the vessel to address it is more personal: The artist Allison Janae Hamilton uses scenes from her Southern childhood […]

Rachel Howard @ Mass MoCA

Rachel Howard @ Mass MoCA

With her new show at Mass MoCA, British painter Rachel Howard’s reputation has preceded her.A former spot painter for Damien Hirst in the 1990s, Howard is now an acclaimed abstract painter, with the British newspaper The Telegraph proclaiming her “one of the finest abstract painters of her generation.” Her focus on dark topics, like sin […]

Gloria Stoll Karn @ the Norman Rockwell Museum

A new show at the Norman Rockwell Museum celebrates the pulp magazine work of Gloria Stoll Karn, but that show might not exist if it weren’t for a kindly Brooklyn janitor with an eye for art and a connection that allowed him to do something about it. Karn, now in her 90s, worked from 1941 […]

Natasha Bowdoin @ Mass MoCA

In her new paper-cut collage mural in the Hunter Hallway at Mass MoCA, Houston, Texas-based artist Natasha Bowdoin brings all of her influences into a large-scale swirl of flora and fauna that, as she says, is “like something you have to face up against.” Bowdoin’s piece, called “Maneater,” after the Hall and Oates hit in […]

Tony DiTerlizzi: The Art of Geeking Out

Surreal — that’s the word illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi uses to describe his new show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. DiTerlizzi says he was raised on Rockwell’s work, with a big coffee table book that he studied when younger. In high school, he copied Rockwell to hone his skills. His first two children’s books, he says, were strongly […]

Liz Glynn @ Mass MoCA

Liz Glynn’s new installation at Mass MoCA, “The Archaeology of Another Possible Future,” is a sprawling wonderland of industrialism and progress in the museum’s massive Building 5 gallery. The new gallery offers an appropriate space to mirror the size of the financial system Glynn’s work tackles — a topic so big that it’s hard to […]

Erica Licea-Kane

Boston-based multimedia artist Erica Licea-Kane creates mysterious maps of herself, cryptic in their information and elusive in their materials. Her recent show at The Kingston Gallery, Over & Over, highlighted these explorations, featuring her complicated three-dimensional weaves and a series of drawings on paper that both feature layers upon layers that reveal hints of what […]

The Unexpected Path: Mass MoCA curator Denise Markonish

The Unexpected Path: Mass MoCA curator Denise Markonish

Massachusetts Museum of Art curator Denise Markonish is pretty sure her job title doesn’t accurately describe the job she does. You can scrap “curator” — she prefers “producer.” “When you’re working with contemporary artists to make new works, the scholarship and all that is important, but I’m trying to get the thing made,” Markonish says. “I always […]

David Teeple

Northampton-based artist David Teeple doesn’t just create art from light and water. He collaborates with the two in a series of installations created from simple tanks of water arranged geometrically. Teeple has created such installations for nearly 30 years. His largest, in 1996, was 46 1/2 feet long, 63 tanks, 9,000 pounds, 7 feet wide, […]

Julie Graham

For painter Julie Graham, it’s not the architecture that receives applause that captures her fascination but the utilitarian forms derived from practical necessity. Whether functional industrial buildings or clustered slum dwellings, Graham is inspired by the practicality and improvisation of the structures and the beauty in the haphazard pairings of material within them. In Incidental […]

Mastheads @ Mass MoCA

Five mysterious black structures that have appeared on the Mass MoCA campus are the work of architects Tessa Kelly and Chris Parkinson. Called the Mastheads, they’ll be there through October and offer writers a chance to get down to work, and to link their current efforts to the literary past of the Berkshires. Kelly is […]

Lavaughan Jenkins

The concept for painter Lavaughan Jenkins’ new work “Reconstructed Figures”, currently showing at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston through October 1st, came to him as his ideas often do — in a dream. His previous series of oil paintings focused on texture in such a way that they could barely be considered entirely two-dimensional, given the way […]

Barbara Ernst-Prey

When Mass MoCA asked watercolorist Barbara Ernst Prey to capture on canvas the pre-renovation state of its new wing, Building 6, for the space’s opening, Prey thought such a big event deserved a painting of equal magnitude. The result is her largest work to date, 8 feet by 15 feet, taking a year and a […]

John Walker

Painter John Walker first visited Maine in the 1970s, but it took him a couple of decades to figure out how to paint what he saw. “There was a long time of thinking it was impossible to paint Maine; it’s too beautiful, too scenic,” Walker says. He finally did, and his show From Seal Point, […]

James Warhola

James Warhola

When illustrator James Warhola gives his talk at the Norman Rockwell Museum, he knows that as Andy Warhol’s nephew — who has written children’s books about his famous uncle — that part of his job is demystifying the art legend. People want to know what Andy Warhol was like in real life and Warhola gets asked that all the […]

Marcus Ratliff

Vermont collage artist Marcus Ratliff spent 40 years in an office on Madison Avenue plying his trade as a graphic designer, but inside his heart he had plans to return to an art form he no longer had time to pursue. His work in New York City saw him creating catalogs, posters, books, and other […]

Wes Sam-Bruce

Wes Sam-Bruce

Colorado artist Wes Sam-Bruce’s new installation at Mass MoCA takes its inspiration from a local engineering marvel with a rich and sometimes dark history: the Hoosac Tunnel. The railroad tunnel, whose perfectly straight bore stretches nearly five miles through the mountains of the Hoosac Range, allowed trains to connect between the Deerfield and Hoosic river […]

Elizabeth King

With a new show at Mass MoCA, Elizabeth King is moving firmly along the path she started long ago. Her work is neither sculpture nor puppetry, but somewhere in-between, with the end result often captured in elegant video animation by King. The Virginia-based artist creates half-scale figures with features and movements that seem uncannily human. […]

Joyce Zavorskas

For some, the idea of drama in nature requires the participation of animals, but painter Joyce Zavorskas sees the movement of the land itself as a powerful passion play. Zavorskas documents what she perceives in her paintings of natural erosion in the beach areas of Cape Cod capturing geological vehicles for tales of survival. “In […]

Nick Cave @ Mass MoCA

Chicago-based artist Nick Cave is concocting an installation for the football field-sized Building 5 at Mass MoCA that will take visitors on a magical journey through a glittery wonderland. But as the viewers are being dazzled, they’ll also be faced with some hard truths. Part of Cave’s presentation concerns itself with the spectacle and wonder […]

Yoko Naito

Photographer Yoko Naito currently moves between New York City and Berlin, but her quiet photos don’t immediately reflect that life until you understand her view of the world and how she came to it. Her show Unbeknown at Outside, the North Adams gallery at 10 Ashland St., Naito offers a series of ethereal images which […]

Thomas Krens & EMRCA

Thomas Krens does not think small. As the former Guggenheim Foundation director, his ideas are big — especially when it comes to North Adams. When Krens looks at the city, he sees unfinished business, and that has been a motivator to organize a collaborative effort to transform North Adams into the hub of what he calls a […]

Lisa Nilsson

The technique of paper quilling isn’t a common one in the contemporary art world, but North Adams resident Lisa Nilsson embraced the antediluvian medium and elevated even beyond her contemporaries that to her inventive and intricate — and almost obsessive — images that stretch the form to its limits. Quilling is a hundreds-of-years-old paper craft that involves rolling strips […]

Federico Uribe @ Mass MoCA

Colombian-born, Miami-based artist Federico Uribe just wants to make people happy. Anything beyond that is their own choice. “I’m more interested in making people smile, rather than telling them what to think,” Uribe said. His new show at KidSpace at Mass MoCA, “Here Comes the Sun,” gathers together a number of his animal sculptures. The […]