This is a fun espionage romp for kids from 1978 that features three kids battling international saboteurs in a Navy setting.

The story begins with an incident at sea. Commander David Wheeler (Donald Burton) rams his ship into a fishing boat and finds himself under court martial for doing so. His son, Richard (Andrew Ashby), is sure his father is innocent, and sets off with his two friends, Navy sailor Pete (Richard Willis), who serves on Wheeler’s ship, and Lucy (Shelley Crowhurst), the pixie-voiced daughter of another Naval officer.

They take off on a boat to take a look at the site of the incident and the investigation sends them on a wild chase that has them clashing with Navy men sent to protect them, disappearing scientists, evil turncoats, and, of course, evil foreign scientists with mad schemes, not to mention ponies, lots and lots of ponies, cleverly utilized by the increasingly resourceful and awesome Lucy.

As the adventure moves along and the resolution becomes apparent, the fun romp reveals itself as something reasonably clever and worth the time you’ve spent with it.

All this, plus a subtly quirky performance by Peter Vaughn (Time Bandits, Game Of Thrones) as Wheeler’s commanding officer who has to contend with this flurry of activity and players while trying to get at the truth.

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