Forgotten 80s: Rockin’ With Rita

This collaboration between pre-fame Fuzzbox, The Nightingales, and comedian Ted Chippington was put out on Vindaloo Records in 1986. At the time, I was a young guy living in Brooklyn, an avid WLIR listener. It was about the same time that the station was playing this new clever song by this odd band, “Don’t Let’s Start” from They Might Be Giants. It was easy to find that record in the city, but impossible to find “Rockin’ With Rita” anywhere.

So one day I called WLIR to get the record label contact info, which they gave me, and I wrote a letter to them asking for ordering information. I was ready to pay whatever price they said … and then about a month later, a flat package shows up in the mail and I open it up and it’s “Rockin’ With Rita” and a couple other records and a note from the label to enjoy the gift, thus giving me my favorite song and one of my favorite music memories.

It as harder to come by some of the music you loved back then, but that also added to how meaningful music could be.

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