Created by the two gentleman that gave us K9 on Doctor Who — Bob Baker and Dave Martin, who wrote 32 episodes of the original Who series and some Wallace and Gromit, including the Were-Rabbit movie — Sky is psychedelic kid’s science fiction TV in the best possible sense of the phrase.

Aired in 1975, it involves, superficially, an injured young stranger named Sky (Marc Harrison) who claims to be from another time and definitely not supposed to be in our own. His only hope is to find a place called The Juganet, but he has no idea where it is. The complication comes when, like a germ, Sky is rejected by the soul of the Earth, which that means a lot of excellently weird and nightmarish scenes of leaves blowing around in a furious flurry and attaching themselves to Sky or Sky being attacked by tree roots, among other awesome oddities.

Trying to help Sky out is Arby (Stuart Lock), the son of an estate keeper, and his sister, plus the snooping rich kid who lives on the estate. Trying to make life miserable for Sky is the sinister Goodchild (Robert Eddison) who skulks around in black, conniving with the forces of nature to overcome Sky.

One of the best parts of the show is Sky himself. Harrison has a great alien-like presence, like a teenage David Bowie, and his costuming is perfect — a blue overcoat and blonde locks cause him to resemble the Little Prince, which is a great little detail.

This ecological fable, if you want to try and pigeonhole it, comes to a marvelous, crazy conclusion that makes me wish I were a British 10-year-old watching it in 1975. My brain would have been wonderfully blown. I can see why this show is a cherished memory for people of that age, it’s like The Man Who Fell To Earth for kids.

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